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Digital Image Collection
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Fields in the Folger Digital Image Collection

Basic keyword searching may be the best place for you to start searching the Folger digital image collection, for two reasons. First, a basic keyword search will find terms anywhere within whatever information accompanies an image. Second, our image databases are very much works in progress and some fields therefore are empty at the moment. To learn more about browsing and searching by keyword, visit Quick Search Tips.


But use of the Advanced search feature can also be helpful in many cases, e.g. when searching for known items or when creating a persistent hyperlink for a specific subject, name, or boolean keyword search.  This list of database fields is intended to help with Advanced searches, and with testing your Advanced search results. To learn more about these types of advanced searches, visit Digital Image Collection How-Tos.



Image details


Image title: a brief description of the image.


Image producer name(s): where available, names of those associated with creation of the image (e.g., artists and engravers).

Transcribed information: transcription of printed or engraved captioning or title or title-like information.

Image details: may include details about cropping, exact location within a larger work, etc.

Image subject term(s): subject indexing of cultural and conceptual illustrative content.

Image IconClass number(s): iconographic classification codes (combinations of numbers and letters) assigned from the IconClass index.

Image bibliographical reference(s): citations to relevant reference works.

Image order: provides details about the order of appearance, when multiple images occur within a larger work.

Page height: a measurement in millimeters.

Page width: a measurement in millimeters.


Event title: a brief description of a Folger event where the photo was taken.


Event date: the date of a Folger event where the photo was taken.



Source details and administrative metadata

Source creator:
an author or other personal or corporate name associated with creation of the source in which the image appears.


Source title: title of the source in which the image appears.

Source created or published: imprint -- or sometimes date only -- of the source in which the image appears.


Physical description: details of pagination / foliation, and/or extent of illustration, and/or height in centimeters of the source in which the image appears.

Copyright information: may contain rights information crediting individual photographers.

Source call number: the designated shelf location for the the source in which the image appears.

Digital image file name: a unique numeric ID for the image file.

Digital image type: a field containing one of four possible values: FSL building, FLS collection, FSL event, or Theatre production.

Hamnet catalog link: a hyperlink to the Hamnet bibliographic description (when available).


ESTC catalog link: a hyperlink to the English Short Title Catalog bibliographic description (when available).

Hamnet bib ID: a unique numeric ID for a relevant Hamnet bibliographic description.

Hamnet holdings ID: a unique numeric ID for a relevant Hamnet copy-specific  description.


Multiple page sort order: a non-displaying field that can be used in post-search sorting. Primarily used in sorting image sets for bound items digitized cover-to-cover.



Hamnet catalog record


Some images in the Folger digital image collection are accompanied only by abbreviated data records, with fields of the sort described above. However, other image descriptions are supplemented with bibliographic data pulled in from Hamnet.


Some of these Hamnet records may provide additional details that do not appear in "Image" or "Source" fields. Other Hamnet records may describe an entire source item, but may not fully describe the specific portion photographed.


The following fields from Hamnet records may appear in the Luna digital image database descriptions:


Creator (Hamnet)

Uniform title (Hamnet)

Title (Hamnet)

Alt. title (Hamnet)

Edition (Hamnet)

Place of creation or publ. (Hamnet)

Creator or publisher (Hamnet)

Date of creation or publ. (Hamnet)

Physical description (Hamnet)

Folger holdings notes (Hamnet)

Notes (Hamnet)

Citations (Hamnet)

Subject (Hamnet)

Associated name (Hamnet)


In (Hamnet)

Call number (Hamnet)


 As always, questions, error reports, etc. can be submitted via insighthelp@folger.edu.

A list of the conventicles. London, 1683

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