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2011-12 Long-term Fellows

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows


Kathryn Gucer, Independent Scholar, Chicago, IL

"Revolution Across the Channel: Cross-Cultural Information Exchange between Early Modern England and Europe"


David Loewenstein, Helen C. White Professor of English and the Humanities,

University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Treacherous Faith: Heresy and Demonization in Early Modern English Literature"


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows


Lena Cowen Orlin, Professor of English, Georgetown University

"The Private Life of William Shakespeare"


William H. Sherman, Professor of English, University of York

"Knowledge is Power: Renaissance Intelligence and Its Modern Legacies"


ACLS/Burkhardt Fellows


David Como, Associate Professor of History, Stanford University

"Radical Parliamentarians and the English Civil War"


Jonathan Sheehan, Associate Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley

"Sacrifice: Theology and the Human Sciences in Early Modern Europe"


Short-term Fellows


Sharon Achinstein, Reader in English Renaissance Literature, University of Oxford

“The Life and Death of the Sonnet in the Seventeenth Century”

(One month, 19 July - 15 August '11)


Carlo Bajetta, Chair of English, Università della Valle d’Aosta

“‘Knowledge of all tongues’: The Foreign Letters of Elizabeth I”

(Three months, June – August '12)


Alex Barber, Lecturer of Early Modern History, University of Durham

“John Dyer and Scribal News”

(One month, September ’11)


Mark Bland, Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University

“The Poems of Ben Jonson”

(Two months, 25 July  – 25 September ’11)


Andrew Boyle, Lecturer in History, Brasenose College, Oxford

“Samuel Daniel’s Collection of the History of England

(Three months, April – June ’12)


Alan Bryson, Research Associate and Tutor of English, Sheffield University

“Lordship and Politics in the Reign of Edward VI”

(Two months, March – May ’12)


Christopher Burlinson, Fellow and College Lecturer in English, Jesus College Cambridge

“The Poems of Richard Corbett: A Social Edition”

(One month, 16 January - 17 February '12)


Marie-Louise Coolahan, Lecturer in English, National University of Ireland, Galway

“Gender and the Construction of Authorship in the Early Modern Period”

(One month, March '12)


Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney, Professor, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Łódź

“Helena Modjeska’s Career in the USA”

(Two months, August - September '11)


Kevin Curran, Assistant Professor of English, University of North Texas

“The Revels Plays Edition of Samuel Daniel’s Tragedy of Philotas

(One month, June ’12)


Elizabeth Evenden, Lecturer in Book History, Brunel University

“Early Modern Propaganda and Printing in England and Portugal”

(Two months, 16 July – 16 September ’11)


Jill R. Fehleison, Associate Professor of History, Quinnipiac University

“Hearsay or Truth? Catholic/Protestant Polemics and the Maintenance of Religious Difference”

(One month, June ’12)


Kenneth Fincham, Professor of History, University of Kent

“Episcopacy and the Church of England, 1630-1670”

(Two months, tbd)


Frances Gage, Assistant Professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art, SUNY Buffalo

“Visual Cures: Painting as Medicine in Early Modern Italy”

(Two months, March – April ’12)


Gail McMurray Gibson, Professor of English and Humanities, Davidson College

“Cox Macro, The Macro Plays, and the Ghosts of an East Anglian Past”

(One month, November ’11)


Paul Goring, Professor of English, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

“Charles Macklin and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Culture”

(Two months, October – November ’11)


Joel Halcomb, Teaching Assistant in History, University of St. Andrews

“Colonel Robert Bennett: Puritan Political Pragmatism and Religious Radicalism in the English Revolution”

(Three months, tbd)


Margaret Hannay, Professor of English, Siena College

“Appropriating David in the Renaissance”

(One month, 16 March – 15 April ’12)


Maria Hayward, Reader in Early Modern History, University of Southampton

“Courting Gloriana: Gift Giving as a Means of Social Advancement at the Court of Elizabeth I”

(One month, February ’12)


Robert Hornback, Associate Professor of English, Oglethorpe University

“Early Blackface Fools and Transnational Proto-Racism”

(Three months, December '11, May-June '12)


Alexander Huang, Associate Professor of English, George Washington University/Research Affiliate in Literature, MIT

“Shakespeare and East Asia”

(Three months, January – March ’12)


Michael Rodman Jones, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

“Protestant Medievalism”

(One month, March – April ’12)


Andras Kisery, Assistant Professor of English, City College of New York, CUNY

“Politicians in Show: Early Jacobean Drama and the Socialization of Political Competence”

(Three months, February – April ’12)


Laura L. Knoppers, Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University

“Literature, Luxury, and Nationhood in Milton’s England”

(One month, February ’12)


Julian Lamb, Assistant Professor of English, Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Early Modern Orthography, Language Reform, and Wittgenstein”

(Three months, June – August ’11)


Carole Levin, Willa Cather Professor of History, University of Nebraska

“Fantasies and Representations of the Sixteenth-Century Dead in the Stuart England Political World Imaginary”

(Two months, December ’11 – January ’12)


Lia Markey, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn Humanities Forum, University of Pennsylvania

“Renaissance Invention, Collaboration and Process in Stradano’s Nova Reperte

(One month, March '12)

Jeanne McCarthy, Assistant Professor of English, Oglethorpe University

“Schooling the Drama: The Children’s Tradition and the Transformation of Renaissance English Theater”

(Three months, December '11, May-June '12)


Kevin McGinley, Lecturer in Scottish Cultural Studies, University of the Highland and Islands

“Scotland on the Late Eighteenth-Century American Stage”

(Three months, July – September ’11)


Hiram Morgan, Professor of History, University College, Cork

“Bacon and Ireland: An Annotated Reader”

(Six weeks, tbd)


Simon P. Newman, Sir Denis Brogan Professor of American History, University of Glasgow

“Race and Bound Labour in the British Atlantic World”

(Three months, July – September ’11)


Warren Oakley, Independent Scholar, UK

“Tracing the Theatrical Life of Robert Harris”

(Two months, March – April ’12)


Viorel Panaite, Professor of Islamic-Ottoman History, University of Bucharest

“Western Navigation, Consuls and Piracy in the Ottoman Mediterranean (16th-17th centuries)”

(Three months, December ’11 – February ’12)


Veronika Schandl, Associate Professor of English Literature, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary

“Elizabethan and Jacobean Theaters: The Stage and its Social Context”

(Three months, February – May ’12)


Hilda Smith, Professor of History, University of Cincinnati

“Images of Tradeswomen in Early Modern Literature and Art”

(Three months, March – May ’12)


Tracey Sowerby, Departmental Lecturer in Early Modern History, St. Hilda’s College Oxford

“Tudor Diplomatic Culture”

(One month, 20 July - 19 August '11)


Alan Stewart, Professor of English, Columbia University

“French Shakespeare”

(Three months, September - November '11)


Mihoko Suzuki, Professor of English, University of Miami

“Antigone’s Example: Gender, History, and the Politics of Civil War in Early Modern England and France”

(One month, October ’11)


Carlo Taviani, Ricercatore, Istituto Storico Italo Germanico di Trento

“Privatized States: European Companies and their Colonies from the Bank of San Giorgio to the English East India Company”

(Three months, January – March ’12)


Valerie Wayne, Professor of English, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

“Introduction to Arden 3 Cymbeline

(Two months, April – May ’12)


Bronwen Wilson, Associate Professor of Art History, University of British Columbia

“Journeys to Constantinople: Inscription, the Horizon, and Duration in Early Modern Travel Imagery”

(Two months, September '11, June '12)


Laura Lehua Yim, Assistant Professor of English, San Francisco State University

“Fluid Propriety: Water and Authority in Spenser and Shakespeare”

(Three months, August - October)


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