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Silver Circle

Sophia M. Echavarria (SEED Public Charter School, Class of 2004)


A little silver hoop, he didn’t want anything too big, just enough to make a statement.

Metal in a scar still sensitive; like a bullet wound.


In his room with the play station on CD mode stirring out what sounds like Counting Crows, his finger nails make a soft click as he reaches for it testing for pain.


Eyes are lost in its iridescence from countless alcohol swabs, smelling like a new box of staples, a chain link fence.


Slippery and waxy from the oil in his skin puts the bitter taste of metal in my mouth, my teeth hurt.


Feels like I could slide through the hoop, get lost on the other side.

Find new facets in which to see myself, my world.


A dictatorship in sterling. A manifesto in gunmetal.





I do my best work in the afternoon, that’s usually when I wake up.


Being with people most of the time is important to me because I’ve been bored with myself.


I share easily, if I trust you.


I’m talkative because I want you to remember me.


I like people to like me when I need them.


I value my time when it’s running out.


I have a goal, I think.


I admit my mistakes only when the pride price is low.


I believe the world is wonderful, when it’s not pissing me off.


I respect others, with good reason and evidence.


I believe I control my life, but only its pace.


I can handle any situation, when it’s mine to handle.


I’m okay asking for help, so long as it’s needed desperately.


I have what it takes to succeed when I want to succeed.


I always set priorities, when it’s for someone else.


I “forgive” easily, if I like you.


I believe people are good to me, I can’t always tell, though.


I use technology to help me because it doesn’t judge me.


I can do without friends when I’m dead.


I’m prepared most of the time if I know what’s going on.


I like myself when I’m pretending to be someone else.


I get angry easily when I can’t figure it out.

I am confident…until it comes to boys.


I’m a “last minute” person because I work harder under pressure.


I act quickly to resolve a problem that could swallow me up.


I like to try new things, but only with a reference.


I’m shy most of the time because I don’t know you people.


I like to be alone most of the time because you can’t lie to yourself.


I like being late because it flips time the bird.


I’m a good listener, if I like what you’re saying.


I get things done when they’re important to me.


I get along well with most people who don’t have their heads up their asses.


I make my own decisions, when I can.


I know what it takes to succeed; cash.


I plan to finish, down the line.


I feel like I’m a loser when I hit the snooze button.


I believe in a higher being, but not church.


I have a god, sort of.


I communicate well on paper.


I recognize the good in others, in a less shallow mood.


I am motivated, rarely.

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