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Shakespeare for Kids
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Kids are Quoting Shakespeare

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Kids are Quoting Shakespeare

The English language is consistantly evolving, but would you believe that there are expressions in our language that are over 400 years old? Take a look at the following list of phrases.

as luck would have it

budge an inch

foul play

in a pickle

my own flesh and blood

not slept one wink

seen better days

vanish into thin air

without rhyme or reason

Children's Shakespeare Festival

You may have heard some of these expressions used. Or perhaps you have used them yourself.  It may be surprising to you, but William Shakespeare is credited with these words and you can find them in his plays.

Check out our latest selection of a story created with the expressions above.


"The Princess in a Pickle"


Once upon a time, a princess and her castle and village were under attack by an evil wizard.


"As luck would have it, I won't kill everyone!" the wizard said.


"What the dickens is going on out here?" the princess said. "I have to get married and now there is an evil wizard in the village!"


Then a prince came and said, "This wizard is a blinking idiot! You are going to give the devil his due!" he said to the wizard.


The princess screamed, "Help! The blinking idiot wizard is coming after me!"


"Hey, princess!" the prince said. "That wizard will soon be as dead as a doorknob soon!"


"Oh," the princess sighed. "I've seen better days."


The prince made it to the top of the princess's tower and killed the wizard. The wizard pretty much vanished in thin air and was dead.


The next day, the prince and princess got married and the princess was not stuck in a pickle anymore. The prince and princess said together, "Merry as the day is long; this is a wonderful day!"

                                          —Alex, age 7, Illionois


Now, it's your turn!

Try Your Hand at Shakespeare

  Additional Information

Submit your own stories, poems, plays, songs, and art work to Puck's Place at educate@folger.edu.

All submissions become the property of the Folger Shakespeare Library and may be published on the Folger website or in other Folger publications.

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