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Teacher to Teacher Elementary Video Series

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Teacher to Teacher Elementary Video Series

Videos for Elementary Educators

Children's Shakespeare Festival

Children's Shakespeare Festival

How early can students start learning Shakespeare? Are they too young to "get" the language?


Folger Education's Teacher to Teacher video series features ideas from educators around the country as they share their tips and strategies for successfully teaching Shakespeare in today's elementary classrooms.


Click on a link below to discover teacher-tested, classroom-perfected ideas for sharing Shakespeare with your students.


Techniques for Teaching Shakespeare

Elementary Teachers share their top tips.


Believe and Move

Veteran elementary teacher and director Harvey Saids shares his tips for teaching and directing Shakespeare for elementary students based on over 20 years of experience.


Setting Shakespeare Free

Freeing yourself from the notion that students need to know every word of a play to have learned it will set you free in your classroom.


Let them Play

Rebecca Nazario-Wright of the University of Pittsburgh shares her advice and experience with putting Shakespeare in her 2nd grade students' hands, and watching the text come to life.


Everyone Relates to Shakespeare

Holly Rodgers, an ESL/ELL teacher from Fairfax, VA, responds to why Shakespeare belongs in elementary classrooms, and how her classes aren't intimidated by the text.


Passion and Patience

Northwestern College Professor of English Keith Jones explains the two most important things he learned to keep in mind when directing Elementary Students in a Shakespearean play.


Jump Into It

The best thing to do with elementary students is get right to it. Even if not every single word makes sense, they'll understand the action of the scene, and work from there.



Ongoing Engagement

The many ways teachers have connected their students to Shakespeare.


Starting Early

Amy Thompson, drama teacher at Nottingham Elementary, shares her insights into why starting earlier with Shakespeare's actual language is better for younger students.


The Heart of the Matter

Waduda Henderson, a Montessori Elementary teacher from Washington, DC, describes how she connects her students with Shakespeare on a personal level.


Whetting the Appetite

For Lucy Tyson, Director of Education for the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, engaging young students with a good story and interesting characters will ensure that they will stay excited about Shakespeare.


Collaborative Engagement

Barbara M. Cobb of the Murray Shakespeare Festival shares her plan for creating life-long Shakespeare enthusiasts in your classroom through different engagement techniques.


Collaborate and Celebrate

Folger Master Teacher Sue Biondo-Hench, shares her experience with collaborating with Shakespeare to bring two classrooms together to perform a scene from The Tempest.

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