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Open City: London, 1500-1700
Item List

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Item List

Case 1 – “London Observed”


·         John Norden. Speculum Britanniae. The first parte. An Historicall and Chorographical II Description of Middlesex. London, 1593. MAP L85a no.7 s (image).

·         Cornelius Tacitus. The Annales of Cornelius Tacitus. London: Arn. Hatfield, 1598. STC 23644 copy 3; displayed p. 210-211 (image).

·         FACSIMILE from The British Library. Miniature of Charles, duke of Orléans in the Tower of London, from a Flemish manuscript of around 1500. Royal 16 F11, f73.

·         William Camden. Britannia sive Florentissimorum regnorum Angliæ, Scotiæ, Hiberniæ. London: Radulphum Newbery, 1586. STC 4503 copy 2; displayed title page (image).

·         John Stow. A Survey of London. London: John Windet, 1598. STC 23340.8; displayed title page (image).


Wall Between Cases 1 and 2


·         Hartmann Schedel. Registrum huius operis Libri cronicarum cum figures et ijmagibus

ab inicio mundi. Nuremberg: Anthon Koberger, 1493. INC S281; displayed CCL XXX VIIII [289] (image).

·         Franz Hogenberg. Londinum Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis. Engraving. London, 1574. MAP L85c no.27 (image).


Case 2 – “Changing Cityscape, Vanishing Monasteries”


·         FACSIMILE. John Foxe. First volume of the ecclesiasticall history contaynyng the actes and monuments of thynges past. London: John Daye, 1570. STC 11223 vol. 2; displayed p.1201 (image).

·         England and Wales. Anno tricesimo primo Henrici octavi. London: Thomas Berthelet, 1539. STC 9397; displayed p. XVII (image).

·         Thomas Norton. Contemporary copy of letter from Thomas Norton, Sharpenhoe, Bedfordshire, to Francis Mylles. August 31, 1581. X.c.62; displayed Fol 1 (image).

·         William Dugdale. Monasticon Anglicanum. London: Aliciæ Warren, 1661. D2486; displayed p. 504 (image).

·         St. Margaret’s Parish, Southwark. Lease from St. Margaret’s Parish, Southwark to Thomas Glover, waterman. January 21, 1537. Z.c.34 (60) (image).


Pilaster Before Case 3


·         Henry Walker. Bargain and sale from Henry Walker, citizen and minstrel of London, to William Shakespeare. March 10, 1612/13. Z.c.22 (45) (image).


Case 3 – “Blackfriars: Changing Hands, Changing Functions”


·         FACSIMILE. Great Britain. Office of the Revels. Anno primo Edwardi vj. Revelles At the Coronacion of Edward the Sixt ... Together with the Charges of the mounte with thappertenaunces. 1547. L.b.8; displayed 2r (image).

·         Great Britain. Office of the Revels. Memorandum of costumes lent to the city of London for the coronation of Edward VI. February 10, 1546/47. L.b.268; displayed recto (image).

·         Sir Thomas Cawarden. Moneye payd for stuf at ye blakfriers. Manuscript ca. 1545. L.b.383; displayed recto (image).

·         Francis Beaumont. The Knight of the Burning Pestle. London: Nicholas Okes, 1613. STC 1674; displayed title page (image).

·         William Shakespeare. The tragedy of Othello, the Moore of Venice. London: Nicholas Okes, 1622. STC 22305 copy 1; displayed title page (image).


Wall Above Case 3


·         Wall panel on the coronation of King Edward V


Pilaster Before Case 4


·         Benjamin Wright. The armes of all the cheife corporations of England wt the Companees

of London. London, 1596. STC 26018 Flat (image).


Case 4 – “Cheapside”


·         Hugh Alley. A Caveatt for the citty of London. Manuscript, 1598. V.a.318; displayed p. 15 (image).

·         John Turke. Apprenticeship indenture from John Turke to Edward Fisher. April 24, 1594. Z.c.22 (38); displayed recto (image).

·         Othe of every free man. London: R. Jugge, ca. 1575. STC 16762 (image).

·         Thomas Middleton. A chast mayd in Cheape-Side. London: Francis Constable, 1630. STC 17877; displayed title page (image).

·         The Assize of Bread. London: William Stansby, 1632. STC 882; displayed D2v (image).

·         London. Livery Companies. Vintners. The petition of the retailing vintners. London, 1641. 265- 620b (image).


Pilaster Before Case 5


·         FACSIMILE from the British Museum. Tittle-Tattle; Or, the several Branches of Gossipping. Woodcut, ca. 1560–1600. 18th impression. Reg. #1973, U.216.


Case 5 – “Parish Life and Alternatives To It”


·         FACSIMILE. Thomas Trevelyon. Trevelyon miscellany. Manuscript, 1608. V.b.232; displayed fol. 33v-34r (image 1, image 2).

·         Bill of Mortality for August 24–August 31, 1609. London, 1609. STC 16743.8 (image).

·         Church of England. Book of Common Prayer. London: Richard Grafton, 1549. STC 16274; displayed sig Oviii recto (image).

·         Church of England. Articles to be enquired of in the generall visitation of Edmonde Bishoppe of London. London: John Cawood, 1554. STC 10248; displayed cii-ciii (image).

·         John Véron. Notes of two sermons preached by Mr. Véron. March 8, 1559/60. X.d.501; displayed fol. 3 (image).

·         Alessandro Magno. Account of Alessandro Magno’s journeys to Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, England, Flanders, Germany and Brescia. Manuscript, 1557–65. V.a.259; displayed 167v-168r (image).


Wall Above Case 5


·         Plan of pews and the names of their holders. Manuscript, ca. 1600. X.d.395 (image).


Pilaster After Case 5


·         FACSIMILE from The Society of Antiquaries, London. John Gipkyn. Diptych of Old St Paul’s. Oil on panel, 1616. SOA 235452, SOA 235453, SOA 235454.


Case 6 – “St. Paul’s Cathedral”


·         James Pilkington. The burnynge of Paules Church in London. London: William Seres, 1563. STC 19931 copy 1; displayed title page (image).  

·         Henry Farley. St Paules-Church her bill for the Parliament. London: George Eld, 1620. STC 10690; displayed title page (image).

·         Charles I, king of England. His Majesties commission, and further declaration: concerning the reparation of Saint Paul’s Church. London: Robert Barker, 1633. STC 9256; displayed title page (image).

·         William Dugdale. The History of St. Pauls Cathedral in London. London: Thomas Warren, 1658. D2482; displayed plate 164 (image).

·         Edward Benlowes. On St. Paul’s Cathedral. London: Dan. King, 1658. K487 copy 1 (image).

·         FACSIMILE. Detail from Robert Morden and Philip Lea. This Actuale Survey of London, Westminster, & Southwark. London, ca. 1725. MAP L85c no. 18 (image).


Wall Between Cases 6 and 7


·         Wall panel featuring a floorplan of St. Paul’s Cathedral and callouts describing the varied activities that took place there.


Case 7 – “Royal Exchange”


·         Wenceslaus Hollar. Byrsa Londinensis. Etching. London, 1644? ART Vol. d86 no. 1 (image).

·         John Chapman. Sir Thomas Gresham. Stipple engraving. London: John Wilkes, 1806. ART File G831 no.2 (size XS) (image).

·         FACSIMILE. Stephen Harrison. The arch’s of triumph erected in honor of the high and mighty prince. London: John Sudbury and George Humble, ca. 1613. STC 12863a Copy 1; displayed p. 4 (image).

·         A Larum for London. London: Edward Allde, 1602. STC 16754 copy 1; displayed title page (image).

·         Thomas Heywood. If you know not me, you know no bodie. London: Nathaniell Butter, 1606. STC 13336.2; displayed title page (image).

·         Georg von Schwartzstät, Freiher von Offenbach. Diary of Georg von Schwartzstät, Freiher von Offenbach’s travels in the Netherlands, England, France and Germany. Manuscript, 1609. V.a.316; displayed after opening after fold-out engraving of St. Paul's (image).

·         Wenceslaus Hollar. Winter. Etching. London, 1643. ART 252- 175.4 (size M) (image).


Southwest Corner


·         Wenceslaus Hollar. Ad Londinum Epitomen & Ocellum. London & Antwerp, 1647 [central panel in facsimile, courtesy of The British Museum]. MAP L85c no.29 parts 1-2 (image 1) (image 2).


Northwest Corner


·         Wall panel on playhouses, featuring images illustrating the Globe, visitor impressions, and theater as empire.


Case 8 – “Playhouses”


·         James I, king of England. A Proclamation for the due and speedy execution of the statute against rogues, vagabonds, idle and dissolute persons. London: Robert Barker, 1603. STC 8333; displayed sheet 2 (image).

·         Ben Jonson. The workes of Benjamin Jonson. London: William Stansby, 1616. STC 14751 copy 1; displayed p. 72 (image).

·         Thomas Middleton. A game at chesse. London: 1625? STC 17882.2; displayed title page (image).

·         William Shakespeare. The late and much admired play, called Pericles, Prince of Tyre. London: William White and Thomas Creede, 1609. STC 22335 copy 2; displayed title page (image).

·         Ben Jonson. The new inne, or, The light heart. London: Thomas Harper, 1631. STC 14780; displayed title page (image).

·         Henry Marsh. Wits, or, Sport upon Sport. London: for Henry Marsh, 1662. W3218; displayed title page (image).

·         England and Wales. An Order of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for suppressing of publique play-houses, dancing on ropes, and bear-baitings. London: Edward Husband, 1647. E1709A (image).

·         Thomas Dekker. Receipt from Thomas Dekker to Philip Hynchlow. January 18, 1598/99. X.d.319; displayed verso (image).


Case 9 – “Bartholomew Fair and Smithfield”


·         Richard Grafton. Brief treatise conteyning many proper tables and rules. London: John Charlewood, 1576. STC 12156 copy 1; displayed F6v-F7r (image).

·         Anne Askew. First examinacyon of Anne Askewe. Wesel: Dirik van der Straten, 1546. STC 848; displayed title page (image).

·         Robert Crowley. The confutation of thirteen articles. London: Steven Mierdman?, 1548. STC 6083; displayed plate after A8 (image).

·         Ben Jonson. The workes of Benjamin Jonson. London: John Beale, John Dawson, Bernard Alsop and Thomas. Fawcet, 1640. STC 14754 Copy 4 pt. 1; displayed A5 (image).

·         FACSIMILE from Houghton Library, Harvard University. The solemn mock procession of the Pope, cardinals, Jesuits, fryers etc. through the city of London. November 17, 1679. London: Jonathan Wilkins, 1680. p EB65.A100.680s4.

·         FACSIMILE. J. Bluck. Bartholomew Fair. London: R. Ackerman’s Repository of Arts, 1808. ART vol. b3 no.193 (image).

·         Charles I, king of England. A proclamation prohibiting the keeping of Bartholomew Faire and Sturbridge Faire. London: John Lichfield and William Turner, 1625. STC 8793 (image).


Pilaster Before Case 10


·         FACSIMILE. Detail from Franz Hogenberg. Londinum Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis. Engraving. London, 1574. MAP L85c no.27 (image).

·         Wenceslaus Hollar. Bird’s-eye plan of the west central district of London. Etching. London, ca. 1660. ART 264- 511 (Size L) (image).


Case 10 – “Westward, Ho: The Development of Covent Garden”


·         Richard Brome. Five new plays. London: Andrew Crook and Henry Brome, 1659. B4872 copy 2; displayed p. 1 of “The Weeding of Covent Garden” (image).

·         James Howell. Londinopolis. London: John Streater, 1657. H3091; displayed p. 350 (multiple images).

·         Orders formerly conceived and agreed to be published…concerning the infection of the plague. London: Richard Cotes, 1646. O401; displayed title page (image).

·         Henry Herbert. Letter signed from Henry Herbert, London, to Mr. Michaell Mohan. October 13, 1660. X.c.96 (image).

·         William D’Avenant. The cruelty of the Spaniards in Peru. London: Henry Herringman, 1658. D321; displayed title page (image).

·         FACSIMILE from The British Museum. Wenceslaus Hollar. Piazza in Covent Garden. London, 1645–50. G,6.10.

·         John Ferrers. Letter from John Ferrers, Preston, to Thomas Parker. April 15, 1682. X.c.118 (image).


Wall Between Cases 10 and 11


·         The mournfull Cryes of many thousand Poore Tradesmen, who are ready to famish through decay of Trade. London, 1648. 265657 (image).


Case 11 – “Church Against Church”


·         The Ambiguous Confessor. Engraving. London?, ca. 1650. 249539 ART (size M) (image).

·         Thomas Edwards. Gangræna. London: Ralph Smith, 1646. E237 Bd.w. E228; displayed Section 3 p. 113 (multiple images).

·         Francis Howgill. Some of the misteries of Gods kingdome declared. London: for Thomas Simmons, 1658. Collected and bound together with numerous Quaker pamphlets. H3179; displayed closed (image).

·         Jasper Crosse. The dolefull lamentation of Cheap-side Crosse. London: F.C. and T.B., 1641. D1837; displayed title page (image).

·         Samuel Loveday. An answer to the lamentation of Cheap-side Crosse. London: T.A., 1642. 150- 407q; displayed title page (image).

·         Anna Trapnel. The Cry of a Stone. London, 1654. 157- 082q; displayed title page (image).

·         Isaac Penington. Some considerations propounded to the Jewes. London, 1660. P1192; displayed title page (image).


Pilaster After Case 11


·         Charles II, king of England. A proclamation concerning building, in, and about London and Westminster. London: John Bill and Christopher Barker, 1661. C3250 (image 1) (image 2) (image 3).


Case 12 – “Fire and Plague”


·         London’s Dreadful Visitation, or a collection of all the Bills of Mortality for this present year. London: Edward Cotes, 1665. L2926.2; displayed recto of folded leaf following sig. O4 (image) with title page shown in facsimile (image).

·         Penelope Patrick. Receipt Book of Penelope Jephson. Manuscript, 1671, 1674–75. V.a.396; displayed fol. 12v-13r (image 1) (image 2).

·         Samuel Wiseman. On the dreadfull fire of London the 2 of Sep 1665 [i.e. 1666]. Manuscript, 1681. X.d.423; displayed leaf 3 (image).

·         William Sancroft. Lex ignea, or the school of righteousness. London: Timothy Garthwait, 1666. 134- 119q; displayed title page (image).

·         Fire Office (London, England). A Table of the Insurance Office at the Back-side of the Royal Exchange. London: Thomas Milbourne, 1682. 219411; displayed broadsheet (image).


Pilaster After Case 12


·         Wenceslaus Hollar. A Generall Map of the Whole Citty . . . by which may bee computed

the proportion which is burnt. London, 1666. Art Vol. d71 no.13 (

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