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"Seeing things with parted eye."

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Edmund Tearle and company in Julius Caesar, Olympic Theatre. Color lithograph, 1892.

January 2010
Kate Balogh teaches English at Islamic Foundation School, Villa Park, IL

Plays/Scenes Covered
Julius Caesar 1.2.208-224
What's On for Today and Why

Students will..

  • Reread a familiar section of Julius Caesar
  • Consider the text from the perspective of the speaker and the perspective of the characters on stage.
  • Create collections of visual images as representations of the text from a particular perspective
  • Discuss ways in which the visual representations develop meaning and understanding for the perspective and text.

This lesson , not including class time in a computer lab or for presentations, will take one 50-minute session to complete.

What You Need

Access to computer lab.


LCD projector

Laptop for class presentations of samples, and roundtable sharing session

Copies of the text

Access to Photostory or iMovie (see links below)


Suggested rubric
Caesar photostory
What To Do

1. Have students read Julius Caesar 1.2.208-224 for homework.

2. Follow this up with a class discussion identifying the context of the section of text, the speaker and the intended audience within the context of the play.

3. Ask students to consider and share how Caesar (the speaker) felt about Cassius, and conversely, how Antony (the immediate audience) felt. How did these characters each understand Caesar? What do they say/do that reveals these feelings?

4. Have students divide into pairs. Using the text and images of their own or found on the internet, have students create a collage that visually represents the text from the point of view and perspective of either Caesar or Antony.

5. Introduce the students to Photostory or iMovie.

6. Have students select at least one photo/image per line in addition to a reading of the text and textual clues on each slide.

7. After completion of the projects, have the students share what they learned or discovered about each particular perspective and how the ideas presented in the collages could be translated and reworked for  stage production or dramatic reading; in other words, in what other ways could each individual perspective be made clear to the theatical audience?


How Did It Go?
Work will be assessed using a rubric prepared collaboratively with student and teacher recommendations and input.  The rubric will assess the level of understanding of the perspective as it is apparent in the visual illumination.(See suggested rubric attached)

If you used this lesson, we would like to hear how it went and about any adaptations you made to suit the needs of YOUR students.

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