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Highest Rated Teaching Modules


"Do you see the light?"

Students will take a close look at a selected Shakespeare sonnet. They will choose from a select list of sonnets, rich in imagery. Students will use 


Hamlet’s Journey: What is a Hero?

Students will explore their notions about what or who a hero is Using the Folger video, “Hamlet’s Journey" from the Insider's Guide. This lesson will engage them intellectually and …


17th Century Rules of Marriage

Students often ask questions about marriage in Shakespeare's day. This activity allows students to examine a primary source from 1604 to help them gain a better understanding of the rules of marriage in the early seventeenth century, and to apply …


Lose the Lute!

This lesson allows students to choose modern songs and match them with the mood established by the scripted songs in As You Like It or other plays. To substitute well, students will need a full understanding of the original songs' tone …


Nurture that Nature

There are three basic objectives for this lesson. One objective is to get students to use digital images of primary source materials to learn about the medicinal uses of plants during Shakespeare's lifetime. Another objective is for students to …


It's Elementary!: Stomping and Romping with Shakespeare

In introducing Shakespeare to elementary students, the best place to start is with the rhythm of the language in Shakespeare's songs. Children respond to the sound and beat of Shakespeare as much as they respond to his wonderful stories and …



Students will use online resources in order to examine patterns of imagery in Othello. By comparing these patterns to those of other Shakespeare plays, the students will draw conclusions about the different reasons Shakespeare uses imagery …


“Chaos Is Come Again”:  Deception and the Breakdown of Language in Othello

In this lesson, students will explore Othello’s transformation from a confident, successful general to a jealous, murdering husband as a result of Iago’s …


"Remembrance of Yours...." Analyzing characters using mementos.

Assigning a final project that asks students to demonstrate their understanding of character using both print and non-print medium is an informative way to assess their comprehension.For this project, students choose two characters from …


"I Banish You": Using Visual and Auditory Imagery to Connect with speech

In this monologue, Coriolanus has just been banished from Rome and rebukes the citizens and politicians of the city. Students will read the monologue, discuss imagery and ideas contained in Coriolanus' speech, and watch an illumination video …

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