Folger Institute
Inaugural Brochure
Spring 1971


Inaugural Brochure, Spring 1971

First Catalogue of Institute Programs


1. Renaissance Musicology From Text To Performance
Description:A Seminar which will focus upon a Renaissance text, perhaps the Tancredi e Clorinda of Monteverdi, study the musicological sources, and work toward the public performance of text.

Scope: Musicology; instrumental and vocal.

Seminar Leader: Michel Podolski (who will be a Consultant in musicology at the Folger during the spring of 1971), Luthiste de la Société Belge de Musicologie, Président du Centre International des Etudes de la Musique Ancienne. Publications: transcripts of Renaissance texts.

2. Renaissance Intellectual History
Description: The seminar will examine selected topics and themes within Renaissance intellectual history. The selection will be made on the basis of the particular interests and research activities of the participants. Appropriate areas in which themes may be chosen include literary criticism, philosophy and religion, literary genres, and education and learning. The interrelationship and continuity of ideas will be stressed.

Scope: History of ideas; interdisciplinary

Seminar Leader: Calvin D. Linton, Professor of English and Dean of Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, George Washington University; American Secretary, Modern Humanities Research Association. Publications include articles in ELH, Southwest Review, Educational Journal, etc.

3. The World of Eramus
Description: A seminar on selected texts and problems in Erasmus, with a number of visiting scholars who will comment on and conduct discussions of special problems (e.g., Prof. R. S. Sylvester of Yale, Prof. J. K. McConica of Toronto).  

Scope: Interdisciplinary; history of ideas; comparative literature, religion and history.

Continuing Seminar leader: R. J. Schoeck, Acting Director of Research Activities, Folger Shakespeare Library (on leave as Professor of English, University of Toronto, and Professor of Vernacular Literature, Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, Toronto), Coordinating Editor of the Collected Works of Erasmus (Toronto). Publications: editor of Ascham's Scholemaster and Editing Sixteenth-Century Texts; co-editor of Chaucer Criticism; articles in medieval and Renaissance thought and letters, especially the humanism of More and Erasmus.