Elizabeth I, Then and Now
March 21 through August 2, 2003
a Folger exhibition

Elizabeth's Wardrobe

Queen Elizabeth's self-fashioning literally involved the use of "fashion."

She dressed to be seen; her rich clothes and jewels made a statement about her power as a female ruler and about the stability and strength of her nation.

Their impact was noted especially by foreign visitors to court.

From Germans we hear of her "red robe interwoven with gold thread," and her "pure white satin, gold-embroidered" gown.

From a Frenchman, report of "a chain of rubies and pearls about her neck," and pearl bracelets, "six or seven rows of them."





Van de Passe engraving of Elizabeth



Elizabeth Wingfield's autographed letter
to Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury

Elizabeth I, Then and Now
Exhibition Highlights

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