George Eliot's notebook for Middlemarch


George Eliot (1819-1880)
"Miscellaneous Quotations"
August 1868-ca.1871
Folger MS M.a.13

This "Partridge and Cooper's Patent Improved Metallic Book" contains 172 pages of quotations in the hand of George Eliot, compiled in preparation for her novel Middlemarch. One of two Eliot notebooks at the Folger, it includes extracts from the works of dozens of poets, dramatists, historians, literary critics, philosophers, and mythologists. Eliot began the notebook in August 1868 and finished it near the end of 1871, at the same time that the first of eight bi-monthly volumes of Middlemarch was published in London. The opening shown here, headed "Fine declamation," includes quotations from Milton and Shakespeare.

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