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Over the years of Mr. Folger's collecting, booksellers developed relationships with him, and he with them, that were mutually beneficial. As an active buyer and always businesslike client, Folger became a favorite and favored customer.

Mr. Folger used the alias "Golfer" to maintain confidentiality in transatlantic cables. In correspondence alerting Mr. Folger to the availability of a collection, the London booksellers Sotheran noted: "We are also in receipt of your favour of the 31st. ult. ordering a box of Ace Golf Balls, and it is receiving our best attention."

According to Mrs. Folger, "Henry was a favorite companion ... on the golf links" of his chief at Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller, Sr. "Not a talented player," Mrs. Folger recalled, "Henry nevertheless was keenly interested in the game, and it is on record that he invented a new variety of putter for playing." He demonstrates his invention in the photo to the left.

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