Helen Hattab


Helen Hattab received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania in May 1998 and currently teaches Early Modern and Medieval Philosophy at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She is working on a book that will trace the transformation of the notion of efficient causation from late Scholastic Aristotelian philosophers to René Descartes. Her publications include: "The Problem of Secondary Causation in Descartes" in Perspectives on Science, "Laws of Nature" in Encyclopedia of the Scientific Revolution From Copernicus to Newton, and "One Cause or Many?" in Meeting of the Minds: The Relations Between Medieval and Classical Modern Europe. Her forthcoming articles include: "Handmaiden, Nursemaid or Sister to Philosophy? The Role of the History of Philosophy Today" in the Library of Living Philosophers volume on Marjorie Grene; "Le Fondement de la causalité efficiente dans les traditions aristotéliciennes et mécanistes," in Studi Cartesiani II; and "Conflicting Causalities: the Jesuits, their Opponents and Descartes on Efficient Causality," in Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy vol.1.