This list of manuscripts is drawn from the collections at the Folger to illustrate some of the varieties of religious thought and experience expressed during the English Reformation. It was compiled by Laetitia Yeandle, curator of manuscripts at the
Folger. The items are listed here by their main entry in the Folger card catalogue. Folger call numbers are referenced at the beginning of each entry.
Catholic and pre-Reformation manuscripts and books
STC 10617.5  Letter of Confraternity for the Hospital of St. Roch, Exeter, ca. 1510. 
A unique example of an Indulgence. 
V.a.228  Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Hours. Hore beate Marie virginis secundum usum Sarum
STC 15913  Catholic Church. Hours. Officium beate Marie virginis ad usum Sarum . . . Paris, ca. 1512. 
Printed on vellum. 
X.d.532  More, Sir Thomas, Saint, 1478-1535. [A devout prayer, made after he was condemned to die, July 1535]. 
Contemporary copy in the form of a prayer roll. 
V.a.473  Digby family. Spiritual exercises, ca.1650. 
Collection of readings from Catholic authors. 
V.a.252  Pope, Thomas.  English phrases and their Latin equivalents, 1654. 
Includes the catechism, 1655.

Wills, one drawn up before the Reformation and the other after 
X.d.428  Barbur, Thomas. Will, Aug. 3, 1529. 
Contemporary copy. 
Z.c.9 (416) Forde, Robert. Will, March 2, 1575/76.

The new statutes and directive—signs of their implementation
L.b.339  Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc., 1509-1547. (Henry VIII). Letter to the Justices of the Peace of Surrey, June 9, [1535]. Copy ca. 1600. 
L.b.84  Blechingley, Surrey. Church of Saint Mary. Churchwardens' accounts, 1546-1552. 
Reflect the changing laws. 
L.b.85  Blechingley, Surrey. Church of Saint Mary. Churchwardens' accounts, 1546-1552. 
A fair copy of L.b.84, with the addition of 14 items on Fol. 3 verso . 
V.a.197  Bacon, Sir Nicholas, 1509-1579. Speeches made before Parliament . . ., 1559-ca. 1576. 
Copy ca. 1600. 
Includes his speech as Lord Keeper at the opening of Elizabeth's first Parliament, Jan. 25, 1558/59, setting forth what she wished them to accomplish. 
X.d.85  Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc., 1558-1603. (Elizabeth). Proclamation against seditious books, March 1, 1568/69. 
X.d.87 Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc. (Elizabeth). Proclamation against seditious books against the Prayer Book, June 11, 1573. 
Particularly directed against a Puritan publication, An admonition to the Parliament, 1572. 
STC 10046  Church of England. Articles of religion, 1593. 
At the end Thomas Whittington, rector of Rissington, has subscribed to these Articles, Oct.  15, 1602, as is attested by various witnesses. 
V.a.324  Salisbury (Diocese). Dean. Articles of inquiry for the Dean's visitation at Hungerford parish, Berks, to be held Oct. 7, 1613. 
V.a.244  Harrison, William, 1553-1621. Prohibition, March 9, 1617/18. 
Harrison was the last Catholic archpriest and he forbade Catholic secular priests to attend plays acted by common players without special licence. The volume includes Thomas Leke's letter protesting against Harrison's prohibition, April 25, 1618, and Harrison's answer.

Disarming subjects suspected of possible disloyalty 

L.b.55  Saunders, Sir Thomas. Bill witnessing that he . . . has seized arms and armor from Lady Elizabeth 
Cawarden, Jan. 29, 1553/54. 
L.b.65  Saunders, Sir Thomas. Letter to Lady Elizabeth Cawarden, Feb. 11, 1554. 
Thanks her for her gentle entertainment and in bearing with the rudeness of himself and his followers. 
L.b.243  Great Britain. Privy Council. Letter to the high sheriff . . . of Surrey, Jan. 10, 1612/13.    During the early part of this year, the government feared a Spanish invasion.


L.b.309  Cole, Robert. Letter to Sir William More, April 4, 1580. 
Cole was vicar of Epsom and was asking for protection from Nicholas Saunder, a recusant, whom he had presented.
L.b.208 Stanton, John. Answers to articles, 1581. 
Stanton, vicar of Egham, and his churchwardens answer questions about recusants in the parish. With the increased activity of Catholic priests in England, an Act had recently been passed requiring more vigilance and heightening the fines imposed. 
L.b.199  Stanton, John. "Examination of John Stanton (spelled Standon)," vicar of Egham, and others, July 8, 1581. 
Concerning a Jane Hornyall, alias Hornyfall, gentlewoman. 
L.b.202  Catisby, John. Certificate concerning certain Catholic prisoners in the Queen's Bench prison, March 11, 1581/82. 
Catisby was deputy marshall of the prison.
L.b.216  Ede, Richard. Information, [1585?]. 
Ede, porter of the Marshalsea prison, tells about the financial condition of three recusants. 
L.b.237  Surrey. Commission concerning Jesuits . . . List of Surrey recusants, ca. l585/86. 
L.b.223 Middlesex. Justices of the peace. Certificate to Sir William More and other Commissioners for Religion in Surrey, May 17, 1586. 
About Thomas Fryer, doctor of Physic, who has compounded. 
K.b.1  The examination of Jesuits and Seminary priests in prison, 1587. 
Preceded by a list of the Interrogatories. 
L.b.100 Great Britain. Privy Council. Letter to the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, January 4, 1587/88. 
Recusants are to be examined and the most obstinate imprisoned. This was the year of the Armada and the government was already taking precautions. 
L.b.204 Ridley, Thomas, 1550?-1629. A true certificate made by Ridley unto the . . . commission appointed for the county of Surrey for the inquisition of such persons as refuse to come to church, December 27, 1591. 
Ridley was an official of the Archdeaconry of Surrey. Recusants are listed by parish. 
L.b.217  Hogge, Thomas. Certificate concerning recusants, January 8, 1591/92. 
Hogge, the minister of Seale, and the two [churchwardens?] certify that there are no recusants ... in the parish. 
L.b.203  More, Sir William, 1520-1600. Warrant to the High Constables of the Hundred of Blackheath, January 12, 1591/92. 
The constables are to warn Richard Lumleigh to appear before the commissioners and answer for his refusal to come to church. 
V.a.421  Southwell, Robert, 1561?-1595. Letters, 1589-1593. 
Copy ca. 1610. 
Southwell was a Jesuit who had been captured in 1592. This volume includes the only known copy of his letter to Sir Robert Cecil, April 6, 1593, in which he requests that if he was to die he die soon.

One dissenting sect—The Family of Love

L.b.98  More, Sir William, 1520-1600. The depositions of Thomas Chaundeler . . . and Robert Sterte, May 28, 1561. 
Two former members describe the practices of the sect of the Family of Love. 
X.d.30  Great Britain. Privy Council. Letter to the Sheriff and Justices of the Peace in Cambridge, November 30, 1582. 
Order the release from prison of certain persons of the sect of the Family of Love.
Various records and writings relating to Catholics and Protestants 
L.b.8  Great Britain. Office of the Revels. Charges incurred at the time of the coronation of Edward VI, 1546/47. 
Among the charges are ones for the costumes for a Pope and priests.
V.a.482 B., I. A book of certain devout and godly prayers . . . to the use of the devout and godly disposed Christian, 1564. 
V.a.459  [Stonley, Richard], ca.1520-1600. Diary, 1581-1582. 
Stonley was a Teller of the Exchequer living in London. Folios 30v, 31r, and 33v contain reports of Edmund Campion (1540-1581), the Jesuit poet, his trial and execution. 
V.a.4  Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635. Certain collections taken out of his sermons preached at Grays Inn and elsewhere, ca.1630. 
V.b.26l  A treasury of Christian doctrine, begun in January 1636/37. 
Arranged alphabetically by subject. 
V.a.178  Grocer, Thomas. A banquet of sweetmeats, 1657. 
Arranged alphabetically by subject, with a table of contents. 
V.b.93  [Evans, John. Hesperides or The Muses Garden], compiled ca.1655-1659. 
An anthology of quotations arranged alphabetically by subject. At the end is a key to the sigla, or initials used to identify the sources of the quotations. 
K.b.2  Luttrell, Narcissus, 1657-1732. Popish and Protestant controversies, ca.1687-1715. 
Luttrell was an avid collector and here he arranged alphabetically by subject, the pros and cons in facing columns. 
X.d.488  Dering, Sir Edward, bart., 1598-1644. Note-book, 1639-1640. 
Notes on his theological dispute with a Catholic, "Anonymous Eremita," alias Thomas Doughty. 
An early manuscript draft of the letter published in the following item. 
Wing  D1110 Dering, Sir Edward. The Fower Cardinall-Vertues of a Carmelite-Fryar . . . , 164l. 
A publication resulting from Dering's dispute with "Anonymous Eremita." 
V.a.248 Puritan pieces, ca.1638-ca.1650. 
Includes Archbishop Laud's speech against the bishop of Lincoln in the Star Chamber, 1637, and "The downfall of Dagon," showing the unlawfulness . . . of altars, a burning issue of the time. 
V.a.137  Collection of poems, ca.1630. 
Many have a pronounced anti-Puritan ring.