The fresh voices of two first-time novelists


Chad Harbach creates a fresh, exhilarating, and poignantly non-sentimental new American baseball story with his debut novel, The Art of Fielding. According to The New York Times, “Harbach makes the case for baseball, thrillingly, in his slow, precious, and altogether excellent first novel.”


Young and already esteemed writer Karen Russell debuts her first novel, Swamplandia!, featured in The New Yorker’s fiction issue and on its 20 Under 40 list. It was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist in a year when no prize was awarded. An eloquent, imaginative novel, Swamplandia! follows the adventures of a girl in the Miami swamps who faces the loss of her family, wrestles alligators, and discovers her inner strength.

Individual tickets go on sale on August 1, 2012.