Shakespeare in Kabul chronicles a remarkable production of Love’s Labor’s Lost that was staged in the Dari language in Afghanistan in 2005 and 2006. It provides a glimpse into the rich cultural life of Afghanistan as it describes the challenges faced by the actors on and off stage, the response they stirred, and the tragic consequences that followed for one of them. 

In this fast-moving, fondly told, and frequently very funny account, Qais Akbar Omar and Stephen Landrigan capture the triumphs and foibles of the actors as they extend their Afghan passion for poetry to Shakespeare's. Both authors were part of the production. Qais, a journalist, served as assistant director and interpreter for Parisian actress, Corinne Jaber, who had come to Afghanistan on holiday and returned to direct the play. Stephen, himself a playwright, assembled a team of Afghan translators to fashion a script in Dari as poetic as Shakespeare's.

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