Here is a Play Fitted closed on January 12, 2014.

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As scripts intended for performance, Shakespeare's plays have always been subject to the individual interests of actors and the cultural sensibilities of audiences, as well as the conditions of the theatre, conditions that have changed considerably over time.

Focusing on the play texts as performance scripts, Here is a play Fitted highlights broad shifts in the theatrical production of Shakespeare's plays over the centuries and the sometimes surprising changes made to the texts.

The exhibition examines scripts and promptbooks (the annotated versions of the plays used in the theatre) of Shakespeare's tragedy, Othello, the history of Richard III, the beloved romance of Romeo and Juliet, and the comic Midsummer Night's Dream from the sixteenth through the twenty-first century. Designs for sets, lights, and costumes, production images, props, models, playbills, letters, and reviews shed light on the motivations behind the differing approaches to the plays in production.