Conversation with psychoanalyst Judith Chertoff, M.D. exploring the teen psychology and family dynamics at play in Romeo and Juliet

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Judith Chertoff, M.D. is a psychoanalyst/psychiatrist who works with adolescents, children and adults at her private practice in North Bethesda, Maryland where she does psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. In addition, she teaches, trains and supervises mental health professionals at the Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis (BWCP), as well as at George Washington University where she is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and at Georgetown Medical Center where she is an Associate Clinical Professor.

Her areas of expertise include psychological trauma, child development, female psychology and the effect of gender on the therapist-patient relationship. She is past Chair of the Education Committee at the BWCP and Current Co-Chair of the Academic Associate Training Program at the BWCP. She also Co-Chairs a Washington Area Case Conference for mental health and other professionals.

Some of Dr. Chertoff’s recent publications include two articles in The American Psychoanalyst: "Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysts in the Community: Scary Books and Movies", and "Harry Potter’s Popularity Rooted in the Emotional Life of Children". Other publications include a paper in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association titled "The Complex Nature Of Exposure To Early Childhood Trauma In The Psychoanalysis Of A Child".