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Bibliography and Online Resources for David Garrick

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Criticism, 1980–2005

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ELECTRONIC RESOURCES (see also Archives and Depositories)


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Orleans House Gallery. Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare. http://www.garrickstemple.org.uk/.

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Twickenham Museum. Garrick's Villa: His "Little Place at Hampton". http://www.twickenham-museum.org.uk/detail.asp?ContentID=287

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Online Editions (see also Print Editions):

Shakespeare, William, 1564–1616. Romeo and Juliet / by Shakespeare; with alterations, and an additional scene: by D. Garrick; as it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. London: Printed for J&R Tonson & S. Draper, 1753. In Horace Howard Furness Memorial (Shakespeare) Library.

Shakespeare, William, 1564–1616. The taming of the shrew, or, Catherine and Petruchio / a comedy altered from Shakespeare by David Garrick, esq. Marked with the variations in the manager's book at the Theatre-royal in Covent-garden. London: Printed for C. Bathurst [et al.], 1786. In Horace Howard Furness Memorial (Shakespeare) Library.

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Backstage, a Performing Arts Gateway for the UK. http://www.backstage.ac.uk/

National Archives (Great Britain). A2A: Access to Archives. http://www.a2a.org.uk/

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PRINT EDITIONS  (see also Online Editions)


Berkowitz, Gerald M., ed. The Plays of David Garrick, Eighteenth-Century English Drama; 16. 4 vols. New York: Garland Pub., 1981.

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Garrick, David. The Dramatic Works. Farnborough: Gregg, 1969.  Facsimile reprint of 1st ed., London: Millar, 1798.

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Correspondence and Diaries:

Baker, George Pierce, ed. Some Unpublished Correspondence of David Garrick. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1907.

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CRITICISM, 1980–2005


Bevis, Richard W. The Laughing Tradition: Stage Comedy in Garrick's Day. Athens: U. of Georgia Pr., 1980.

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AUCTION CATALOGS: David Garrick's Effects:

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Christie, Manson and Woods. A Catalogue of a Valuable and Highly Interesting Collection of Engravings: Consisting Chiefly of English and Foreign Portraits, Including the Scarce Portrait of Sir T. Chaloner, by Hollar, and Others.: The Property of the Late David Garrick, Esq. Which Will Be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Christie. On Thursday, May the 5th, 1825, at One O'clock Precisely. S.l., 1825.

Hodgson and Co. A Catalogue of Valuable and Interesting Autograph Letters, Mss. and Documents: Comprising an Important Series of Letters from David Garrick to the Countess of Burlington with Others from Mrs. Garrick to the Same…Which Will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Hodgson & Co.…on Thursday, May 22nd, 1919. London: Messrs. Hodgson & Co., 1919.

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ARCHIVES AND DEPOSITORIES  (see also Exhibition Catalogs; Electronic Resources):

British Library. http://www.bl.uk

Published guides:

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Online guides:

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Published guides:

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Published guides:

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Theatre Museum (Great
Britain). http://www.theatremuseum.org.uk

Yale University
. http://www.library.yale.edu/humanities/theater

Online Guides:

Finding Aid to the David Garrick Collection. http://webtext.library.yale.edu/xml2html/beinecke.GARRICK.con.html


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