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Digital Image Collection
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Available in the Digital Image Collection

Shakespeare. Hamlet. London, 1604

The Folger Digital Image Collection contains high resolution images requested for research, publication, and the web. Also included are items chosen for digitization by Curators, Conservators, and Reading Room Staff; or created for special projects, e.g., pre-1640 quarto editions of Shakespeare.


Some images are accompanied by Hamnet descriptions of the entire item, but in most cases only abbreviated information exists.


Features include:

  • The ability to create a shortened URL for sharing content (zoomable images, search results, slideshows, etc.) with standard tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Delicious, etc.

For example, follow this "Share This" permalink to a zoomable version of the Hamlet title page depicted above. Zoom in and read the full inscription about Shakespeare, copied in a late seventeenth-century hand from a book by Dryden!

Zoomable LUNA version of the titlepage from: Shakespeare. Hamlet. London, 1604.

Or follow this link to retrieve Hamlet-related search results images in your browser:

LUNA search for Hamlet -related images and text  

Follow this link to learn more about Linking and Embedding in LUNA.

  • The ability to create a "Web Widget" to embed into other applications your search results, slideshows, presentations or other LUNA views.  This feature is available in LUNA. Or, using the installed Insight Java Client, you have the ability to export an html page containing thumbnails that link back to zoomable images. Follow this link for more about Linking and Embedding in LUNA.
  • Register an online user ID in LUNA. You can save multiple sets of images for later reference, along with private annotations you can make about the images you've selected. Logging in to the Insight Java Client? Use "guest / guest". LUNA user IDs work only on the web. Follow this link for more about LUNA Registration and User Settings
  • Access images in our Quartos and other cover-to-cover, page-by-page collections, which include digitized copies of 218 of the Folger Shakespeare Library's pre-1640 Shakespeare texts, including poems, plays, and "apocryphal" editions now known to have been written by someone else. You can examine and compare images of different copies side-by-side. This feature is only available in the the Insight Java Client. After installation, follow this link for instructions on How to Access Digitized Shakespeare Quartos (pdf).

Want to download and Install the Insight Java Client? Here are instructions.


Tell us how you are using the Digital Collection.


Ask questions.


Share what you're working on.


Let us know what works for you, and what could be improved.


Email us at InsightHelp@folger.edu

How To

How to Access Digitized Shakespeare Quartos (pdf)

Digital Image Collection Documentation

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