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Summer 2012

Summer 2012

Volume 63, Number 2




George Chapman, John Davies of Hereford, William Shakespeare, and A Lover's Complaint


Hugh Craig


Invocation of the Visual Image: Ekphrasis in Lucrece and Beyond


Catherine Belsey


Love's Rites: Performing Prayer in Shakespeare's Sonnets


Rhema Hokama





Shakespeare and Queer Theory


Will Stockton


Shakespeare and the Modern Poet

Teddy Jefferson





Ayanna Thompson. Passing Strange: Shakespeare, Race, and Contemporary America.

Virginia Mason Vaughan


Scott L. Newstok and Ayanna Thompson, eds. Weyward Macbeth: Intersections of Race and Performance.

Yu Jin Ko


Jean E. Feerick. Strangers in Blood: Relocating Race in the Renaissance.

Mary Floyd-Wilson


Linda Woodbridge. English Revenge Drama: Money, Resistance, Equality.

Marguerite A. Tassi. Women and Revenge in Shakespeare: Gender, Genre, and Ethics.

Christopher Crosbie


Susan Frye. Pens and Needles: Women's Textualities in Early Modern England.

Rebecca Laroche


James W. Stone. Crossing Gender in Shakespeare: Feminist Psychoanalysis and the Difference Within.

Jan Purnis


Tom MacFaul. Poetry and Paternity in Renaissance England: Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne, and Jonson.

Judith Owens


Alison Findlay. Women in Shakespeare: A Dictionary.

Lisa Hopkins


Eric Langley. Narcissism and Suicide in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries.

Heather Hirschfeld


Bruce Thomas Boehrer. Animal Characters: Nonhuman Beings in Early Modern Literature.

Rebecca Ann Bach


Rebecca Totaro and Ernest B. Gilman, eds. Representing the Plague in Early Modern England.

Kimberly Anne Coles


Sara Beckwith. Shakespeare and the Grammar of Forgiveness.

Margreta de Grazia


Edward Pechter. Shakespeare Studies Today: Romanticism Lost.

Richard C. McCoy


Anthony Jackson and Jenny Kidd, eds. Peforming Heritage: Research, Practice and Innovation in Museum Theatre and Live Interpretation.

Gre Colón Semenza, ed . The English Renaissance in Popular Culture: An Age for All Time.

Mark Thornton Burnett and Adrian Streete, eds. Filming and Performance Renaissance History.

Pascale Aebischer


Irene Dash. Shakspeare and the American Musical.

Heather S. Nathans


Dennis Kennedy and Yong Li Lan, eds. Shakespeare in Asia: Contemporary Performance.

Tom Bishop



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