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Shakespeare's the Thing
Item List

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Item List

Case 1 - The Great Shakespeare Forger


William Henry Ireland (1777-1835). Letter from William Shakespeare to Anne Hathaway. Forgery, ca. 1797. W.b. 496; displayed p. 93 (image).


Case 2 - The Seven Ages of Man (and Woman)


Thomas Onwhyn (ca. 1820-86). As You Like It, Seven Ages of Man. Lithograph. England, mid-19th century. ART File S528a4 no.112 (size XS); displayed unfolded (image).


George Wilson (18th/19th century). The Female Seven Ages. Stipple engraving. London: Ashton & Co., 1797. ART File S497.5 no.1 (size L); displayed unfolded (image).


Dobbins' Electric Soap. Seven Ages of Man. Chromolithograph. New York: Chas. Shields Sons, ca. 1880. Scrapbook E.5.1; displayed flat (image).


Maryline Poole Adams. Presenting the Seven Ages of Man. Pop-up book in a box made to resemble the Globe Theater. Berkeley, CA: Poole Press, 1994. ART Vol. e101; (image unavailable).  


George James De Wilde (1804-71). The Seven Ages of Man. Oil on Canvas, 1823. FPa19; (image).


Case 3 - Bardolatry


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Dramatic Works. London: Sherwin and Co., 1821. PR2752 1821c copy 1 Sh.Col.; displayed cover (image).


Tea caddy with portrait of Shakespeare. Wood and silver. English, 18th or 19th century. Wood no.11; (image).


"Betrothal" ring. Silver, 17th century? H.P. relics drawer B8 part 1 (ring); (image unavailable).


Puttick & Simpson. Catalogue of a Highly Valuable And Important Collection of Antiquities. London, December, 1854. H.P. relics drawer B8 part 2 (auction catalog); displayed pp.22-23 (image unavailable).


George Cruikshank (1792-1878). The First Appearance of William Shakespeare on the stage of "The Globe," surrounded by part of his Dramatic Company, the other members coming over the hills. London: Autotype Fine Art Company, ca. 1865. ART File S527.4 no.3 part 2 (size M); displayed flat (image).


Case 4 - David Garrick, Shakespeare Promoter


Joseph Constatine Stadler (active 1780-1822) from a drawing by Joseph Farington (1747-1821). The Late Mr. Garrick's Villa. Hand-colored aquatint. London: John & Josiah Boydell, 1793. ART File G241.2 no.6 (size m); displayed flat (image).


Painted wooden model of David Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare, ca. 1830 containing a miniature set of William Shakespeare (1564-1615) Plays. London: William Pickering, 1823. Model of Garrick's Temple; (image).


Case 5 - Shakespearean Adaptations and Spin-offs


Edward Bond (born 1934). Bingo: Scenes of money and death. London: Eyre Methuen, 1974.


Marina Warner (born 1946). Indigo. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992. Loan.


Graham Clarke (born 1941). W. Shakespeare Gent.: his actual nottebooke . . . discovered & authentikated by Graham Clarke. Maidstone: Ebenezer Press, 1992. 267162; displayed pp.34-35 (image unavailable).


Kathryn Johnson (born 1949). The Gentleman Poet. New York: Avon, 2010. Sh.Misc. 2104; displayed cover (image unavailable).


O. Video Recording. Trimark Home Video: Lions Gate Home Entertainment, 2002. DVD 9; displayed cover (image unavailable).


10 Things I Hate About You. Video recording. Burbank, CA: Touchstone Home Video, 1999. VCR 205; displayed cover (image unavailable).


Shakespeare Select Poetry of Love. Cider Mill Press, 2007. Sh.Misc. 2092; displayed box (image unavailable).


"The Play's the Thing" Board Game. Aristoplay, 2008.


Collector's Edition Barbie as Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Mattel, 2004. (Image unavailable).


Case 6 - Editing Shakespeare


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Bell's Edition of Shakespeare's Plays. London: Printed for John Bell, 1774. PR2752 1774b copy 4 v.5 Sh.Col.; displayed title page spread (image).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Works . . . in six volumes. Ed. Nicholas Rowe (1674-1718). London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1709. PR2752 1709a copy 1 v.1 Sh. Col.; displayed title page (image).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). The Dramatic Works. Revised by George Steevens (1736-1800). London: W. Bulmer and Co., for John and Josiah Boydell, 1791-1803. Flat PR2752 1791-1802a Sh.Col.; displayed pp. 38-39 (image).


Case 7 - Mr. Furness and Mr. Fogler


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). The Winter's Tale. Ed. Horace Howard Furness. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1898. PR 2839 1898 Sh.Col.; displayed p. 48 (image).


Horace Howard Furness (1833-1912). Autograph letter to Henry Clay Folger [September, 1897]. Folger Archives Box 21; displayed open (image).


Horace Howard Furness (1833-1912). Autograph letter to Henry Clay Folger [December, 1899]. Folger Archives Box 21 no.227; displayed open (image).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Much Ado About Nothing. Ed. Horace Howard Furness. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1899. PR2828 2899 Sh. Col.; displayed flyleaf (image unavailable).


Case 8 - Hanmer & Hayman: An Illustrated Edition


Francis Hayman (1708-76). Illustrations to Shakespeare. Pen and wash, 1740. ART Vol. d72; displayed p. 316 (image).


Francis Hayman (1708-76). The Play Scene from Hamlet. Oil on canvas, ca. 1745. FPa36; (image).


Case 9 - Translating Shakespeare


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Sonetti Translated by Alessandro Serpieri. Milan: Rizzoli, 1991. PR2796.I8 Y5 1991 Sh.Col.; displayed closed (image unavailable).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Romeo and Juliet. Translated by August Wilhelm von Schlegel. Berlin: G. Grotesche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1890. PR2796.E8 M1 1929 Sh.Col.; displayed p. 14-15 (image).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). El Mercader de Venecia; Como Gustéis. Translated by Angel-Luis Pujante. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe, 1990. PR2796 .S5 1990 Sh.Col.; displayed closed (image unavailable).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). A Sanskrit version of . . . Hamlet. Translated by Sukhamoy Mukherjee. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1971. PR2796.S2 H1 1971 Sh.Col.; (image unavailable).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Macbeth. Translated by Ants Oras. Tartus: Eesti Kirjanduse Seltsi Kirjastus, 1929. PR2796.E8 M1 1929 Sh.Col.; displayed p. 14-15 (image).


Cymbelin. William Shakespeare. Stavovske Divadlo Cinohra Narodniho Divadla. Prague, 1995. ART 244927; (image unavailable).


Case 10 - Russian and Czech Translations


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Richard III. Translated by Anya Radiovoi; Illustrated by V. Volovicha. Moscow: Iskusstvo Pub. House, 1972. PR2796 .R8 K8 1972 Sh.Col.; displayed p. 22 and image opposite (image unavailable).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Sen Noci Svatojanske [A Midsummer Night's Dream]. Translated by Martin Hilsky; Lithographs by Adolf Born. Prague: Nadace Lyra Pragensis, Tiskarny Vimperk, 1993. PR2796.C9 M5 1993 Sh.Col.; displayed p. 72 and image opposite (image).


Case 11 - Charles Kean's The Tempest


William Heath (1795-1840). The rival Richards or Shakespear [sic] in danger. Hand-colored etching. London: S. Knight, 1814. ART File K24.4 no.89 (size M); displayed flat (image).


The Rival Richards!!! Hand-colored etching by "F.S." London: S.W. Fores, 1817. ART File K24.4 no.90 copy 2 (size M); displayed flat (image).


Artist Unknown. Sarah Siddons as Lady Macbeth. Oil on canvas, ca. 1790-1810. FPa52; (image).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). The Tempest, arranged for representation at the Princess's Theatre . . . by Charles Kean. London: John K. Chapman and Co., 19th century. PROMPT Temp. 10; displayed watercolor after p. 48 (image).


FACSIMILE of a drawing added to Charles Kean's copy of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) The Tempest, arranged for representation at the Princess's Theatre . . . by Charles Kean. London: John K. Chapman and Co., 19th century. PROMPT Temp. 10; displayed watercolor stage set for Act 3, scene 2 (image unavailable).


By Command, Her Majesty's Servants will perform at Windsor Castle .... The Tempest. London: L'Enfant, Chromo Lith., 1854. 260639 PLAYBILL; displayed flat (image).


Case 12 - Turn of the Century Performance and Recorded Voices


Ralph Cleaver (fl. 1893-1926). Special matinee by amateurs of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by W.S. Gilbert. Pen and opaque drawing. London, 1904. ART Box C623 no.2 (size L); displayed flat (image).


Ralph Cleaver (fl. 1893-1926). Sketches at the production of The Tempest at His Majesty's Theatre. Pen and opaque drawing. London, 1904. ART Box C623 no.8 (size L); displayed flat (image).


Great Shakespearean Recordings. Gryphon Records, 1963. Unaccessioned LP; displayed cover (image unavailable).


Paul Robeson in Shakespeare's Othello. Columbia Masterworks, 1951. Unaccessioned LP; displayed cover (image unavailable).


Case 13 - Jean Cocteau Stages Romeo and Juliet


Jean Huge (1894-1984). FACSIMILE of a set design for Romeo et Juliette. Paris, 1926. Folio PR2796.F6 R1 1926 Sh.Col. Cage; displayed p. 21 (detail) (image).


Jean Cocteau (1889-1963). Romeo et Juliette: pretext a mise en scene. Paris: Se vend . . . us Sans pareil, 1926. Folio PR2796.F6 R1 1926 Sh.Col. Cage; displayed title page spread (image).


Case 14 - Overtures for Shakespeare


Charles Dibdin (1745-1814). The Overture, Songs, Airs, and Chorusses [sic], in the Jubilee, or, Shakespeare's Garland. London: Printed and sold by John Johnson, 1769. Black Box Music VIII folder 6; displayed flat (image).


Shakespears-Jubilee, the 6th and 7th of September, at Stratford-upon-Avon. Copper-plate engraving, 1769. Y.d.283; displayed flat (image).


Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-47). Overture to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream arranged as a duet for two performers. Manuscript. July 10, 1829. V.a.372; displayed flat (image).


Joseph Edwards Carpenter (1813-85) and Stephen Glover (1813-70). Down By The Avon's Flowing Stream. London: Brewer& Co., 1864. Black Box Music VIII; (image).


FACSIMILIE of John Caulfield and John Harroway (1810-57). Ye Songe of Macbeth. London: The Music-Publishing Company, 19th century. Black Box Music VIII; displayed p. 2-3 (image).


Case 15 - Modern Musical Shakespeare


John Guare (born 1938). Two Gentlemen of Verona. New York: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, ca. 1973.  PR2838.A71 G8 Sh.Col.; displayed pp. 36-37 (image unavailable).


Fiasco Theatre Company. Fear No More. Traditional, 19th century shape-note hymnal tune from production of Cymbeline. Vocal arrangement by The Wailin' Jennys. Adaptation with Shakespeare lyrics by Ben Steinfeld. (Image unavailable).


Case 16 - Art Books


Adriana Luiza Wassermann. Lecturi particulare. Manuscript. Romania, 1951-53. W.a.264; displayed pp.  21-22 (image unavailable).


Ethel Webling (1860-1929). Illustrations for Twelfth Night. Pen and ink wash. London, ca. 1884. ART Vol. a75; displayed pp. 26-27 (image).


Pinckney Marcius-Simons (1867-1909). Illustrations to A Midsummer Night's Dream. Watercolor. Beyreuth, 1908. ART Vol. a71; displayed pp. 28-29 (image).


William Henry Drake (1856-1926). Illustrations to Shakespeare. Watercolor, ca. 1900. ART Vol. a35 v.16; displayed pp. 36-37 (image).


Salvador Dali (1904-89). Etching from Much Ado about Shakespeare. Cadaques: Editions Graphiques Internationales, 1970. ART Flat c20; displayed no.6 (image).


Jiri­ Trnka (1912-69). A Midsummer Night's Dream. Lothographs. [Prague: Artia, 1961]. 267875; displayed no.1 & no.5.


Case 17 - Dali Designs As You Like It


Salvador Dali (1904-89). William Shakespeare: Come vi piace. Rome: C. Bestetti, 1948. ART Vol. f99; displayed 4 color plates (image).


Case 18 - Artists' Interpretations


Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957). Designs for Timon of Athens. Pen and ink. [London, 1912]. ART Box L677 no.8 (size L); displayed flat (image).


J. Franklin Mowery. Jeweled binding on William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Sonnets. New York: Petrarch Press, 1990. PR2848 1990a Sh.Col.; displayed binding (image).


Case 19 - Droeshout Portrait


State 1, from a First Folio (1623). ART Box D783 no.1 (size S); displayed front (image).


State 2, in a First Folio (1623). STC 22273 Fo.1 no.13; displayed front (image).


State 3, from a Second Folio (1623). ART Box D783 no.2; displayed front (image).


State 4, in a Fourth Folio (1685). S2915 Fo.4 no.01; displayed title page portrait (image).


Case 20 - Shakespeare Portraits


Thomas Sully (1783-1872). Portrait of Shakespeare. Oil on canvas, 1864. FPa79; (image).


Edouard Jean Conrad Hamman (1819-88). Shakespeare with his Family, at Stratford, reciting the tragedy of Hamlet. Color lithograph. Berlin: F. Sala & Co., [mid to late 19th century]. ART File S527.4 no.31 pt.2 (size XL); (image).


C.B. Currie (1849-1940). Miniature portraits of Shakespeare. London, 1928. Bd.w. ART Vol. f111 copy 2; (image).


William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Works. London: Charles Knight and Co., 1845.PR2752 1845b copy 2 Sh.Col.; (image unavailable).


Artist unknown. William Shakespeare. Parian ware. England, ca. 1820. F260035; (image unavailable).


Shakespeare's Characters


Henry Fuseil (1741-1825). Merry Wives of Windsor, Act 4, scene 2. Ford belaboring Falstaff. Pen and ink on paper. Ramsgate [England], 1790. ART Box F993 no.1; displayed recto (image).


George Cruikshank (1792-1878). Bottom the Weaver. Pen and ink over pencil, ca. 1850. ART Box C955 no.54 (size S); (image).


Richard Westall (1765-1836). Macbeth, Act 5, scene 1. Lady Macbeth sleepwalking. Watercolor, 1797. ART Box W522 no.2; (image)


Edward Austin Abbey (1852-1911). Touchstone. Pen and ink, 1887. ART Box A124 no.1 (size S); (image).


Characters Graphic Gallery


The Graphic Gallery of Shakespeare's Heroines. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1896. Prospectus. ART Flat a24; displayed prospectus (image).


Marcus Stone (1840-1921). Ophelia. Color photogravure. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1896. ART Flat a24; displayed plate 3 (image).


Edmund Blair Leighton (1852-1922). Olivia. Color photogravure. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1896. ART Flat a24; displayed plate 14 (image).


John William Waterhouse (1849-1917). Cleopatra. Color photogravure. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1896. ART Flat a24; displayed plate 21 (image).


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