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Shakespeare for Kids
• Who Am I?
Who Am I?

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Who am I?


Name the character


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I just met a boy at a party, and I want to marry him. I have sent my nurse to get his name, and she tells me he is the only son of my family's enemy.

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Two men are chasing me in the forest. They declare they love me, but yesterday they both loved my friend. I don't understand why they mock me so!

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I am a powerful soldier, sent on duty to Cyprus. I have a beautiful wife whom I adore, but I fear she is cheating on me!

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My boyfriend has just arrived home from school. My brother and father warn me that his love for me is not true. I don't want to believe them, but I begin to think he is going mad.

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I am killed during a swordfight in Verona. If only my friend had not interfered; I was stabbed under his arm.

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I just arrived in this city, and I don't understand what's going on! Everyone here says they know me, and calls me Cesario, even though I don't know anyone and I've never been here before. I even met a woman who thinks we're engaged!

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I am amazed! I have always thought myself the daughter of a shepherd, but now I find that the King of Sicilia is my true father. When he learns that I am his daughter, he cries out for my lost mother.

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I have a cousin who loves to spar with her friend. I think she is secretly in love with him; and he with her. But they are too proud to show their feelings. My waiting gentlewomen and I have thought of the perfect trick to bring them together.

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2. Helena

The lovers (Helena and Demetrius; Hermia and Lysander) are finally united at the end of A Midsummer Night's Dream, as shown in this 1908 watercolor.

This picture illustrates Act 4, scene 1. How does the artist show us that the lovers are united? How would you illustrate the fighting lovers in Act 3, scene 2?


Match these characters to their plays


Try to identify more Shakespeare characters in our Who Am I? Archive.


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