Music from the Court of Maximilian I in Vienna

Rivers of Music: The Danube

April 16 – 18, 2021
St. Mark's Church, if a live event is possible, or Virtual
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Among the cultural treasures owing its vitality to Europe’s longest river, the Danube, is the city of Vienna, a center of civilization and musical sophistication since the court of Maximilian I. This concert features music from the original “Viennese school” cultivated by Maximilian through the early 16th century. Composers, including Heinrich Isaac, Paul Hofheimer, and Ludwig Senfl, crafted some of the Renaissance’s most crystalline polyphonic works while also penning songs full of rustic charm. The Consort performs the gleaming and delightful music of these composers and pays homage to the two later Viennese schools with special arrangements for early instruments. With voices and an ensemble of recorders, reeds, trombone, and strings.

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