Playing with Fire

Virtuoso Instrumental Music of the Renaissance

March 18 – 20, 2016
Folger Theatre

Concert Sponsor: Andrea Kasarsky

Shakespeare’s era was a time of rapid developments in instrumental styles; new genres and techniques for winds, strings, and keyboard instruments became popular with the world changing technology of printed music. But professional instrumentalists in the Renaissance largely improvised, and so, continuing that tradition, our musicians here incorporate their own arrangements and improvisations, in a performance of remarkable fantasias, dances, and virtuoso diminutions from Italy, Spain, France, and England. In continued celebration of the Shakespeare anniversary, lively “groundling” music — country dances and tunes mentioned in his plays — charms all listeners. Featuring David Douglass, Daniel Meyers, Mark Rimple, and Mary Springfels.

With viols, violin, wind instruments of all sorts, lute, and percussion
Join Artistic Director Robert Eisenstein for a lively Early Music Seminar detailing the composers and the world surrounding this concert. Wine reception included. Purchase tickets here.
You can purchase copies of the Playing with Fire recording through the Folger shop, or as a digital download through CD Baby.
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