The Winter's Tale Director's Notes

Thank you all for joining us for this particular Winter’s Tale.

As you may imagine, we have been working diligently (and joyfully) to create it for you, and we could not be more pleased that you have joined us at this performance—taking time to engage with a piece of living art.

In bringing the art to life, I sometimes feel bad that you, our wonderful and willing audience, can’t be with us in the rehearsal room when we are in the process of creating what you’re about to witness. The conversations we have are passionate and lively. While they focus on the story, text and characters, they also encompass our own lives, loves, and losses. The conversations get pointed, and even prickly sometimes. We argue and discuss. We make pronouncements and jokes (that sometime turn into some of our best ideas!) and learn a great deal from each other.

You might be surprised by how much time we spend thinking about you… about how you might respond to this or that moment… if this or that ancient or archaic word will be understandable and, often, how the show will all add up for you at the end.

You might be surprised at the depth of experience and true Shakespeare scholarship that our actors, designers, and dramaturg bring to the process. The cast you are watching are true lovers of Shakespeare’s work. I can share that we are all thrilled and honored to be able to imagine and embody his work here on this stage, in this center of Shakespearean scholarship and performance.

For myself, I could not be more pleased to be working on this play with this particular group of artists. They have brought such richness, variety, and personal depth to it. So much of what you see comes straight from their minds, hearts, and souls. You will not know what parts of their own lives they are tapping to bring such life to their characters, but these artists are all generous and courageous in truly remarkable ways.

And then there’s the music! Performed by this amazing ensemble, it emerged out of our shared experience as we imagined a unique world of magic, spirit, hope, and heartbreak.

I have loved this play for a long time. I think it is very strange and very wonderful. It defies simple solutions or pat answers. It demands breadth and complexity, not only from the artists presenting it, but from you, the audience, as well.

So thank you for joining us. We are very glad you are here.

–Aaron Posner

Photo of the company of The Winter's Tale by Teresa Wood