A collection of household items inspired by Shakespeare and Austen

Mug with portrait of Shakespeare and image of Mulberry Tree
Cider mug, for likely use at Stratford Jubilee
England, 1769
ART Inv. 1074

David Garrick as Don John
Liverpool creamware with transfer-printed design
England, ca. 1790
ART 241061

Kathleen Bader Stevans, artist
Vintage ceramic platter hand-painted with Chawton cottage
Pittsburgh: Pure Hokum, 2014
Loan courtesy of private collector

Thomas Sharp (1725-1799), artist
Rolling pin made from “Shakespeare’s” mulberry tree
Pasted image of Chandos portrait
England, 1756
Wood no. 1

Jane Austen silhouette cookie cutters
United States, 21st century
Loan courtesy of private collector

Darcy and Elizabeth salt and pepper shakers
Glazed ceramic
Bas Blue, 2013
Loan courtesy of private collector

Bellows with Shakespeare bas relief portrait
Wood, leather, and brass
England, 18th or 19th century
ART Inv. 1131

Pride and Prejudice dish towel
Lincolnshire: Countryside Art, 21st century
Loan courtesy of private collector

Toasting fork with portrait of Shakespeare on handle
England or United States, 19th or 20th Century
ART Inv. 1140