Collage of images from the Folger collection. A early 17th-century print of a young Black boy. A map of the Mediterranean. A portrait of the Moroccan ambassador to England in 1637. The title page for Othello in the First Folio.

From the Folger collection, left to right: Wenceslaus Hollar, "Head of a young Black boy," 17th-century; Detail from George Sandys. A Relation of a Iourney Begun an: Dom: 1610..., 1621; Portrait of Jaurar Ben Abdella from The Arrivall and Intertainements of the Embassador, Alkaid Jaurar Ben Abdella..., 1637; William Shakespeare, Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies, 1623 (First Folio).