First Look at Folger Institute Scholarly Programs for 2018-2019

N.B., the programs listed below are subject to change

2018-2019 Yearlong

Finance, Race, and Gender in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Jennifer Morgan (New York University) directs a yearlong monthly colloquium

Researching the Archive
Carole Levin
(University of Nebraska) and Alan Stewart (Columbia University) co-direct the yearlong monthly seminar for dissertation writers

Fall 2018

The Many Faces of Hebraism in Early Modern Europe
Joanna Weinberg (Oxford University) and Tony Grafton (Princeton University) co-direct a faculty seminar

Advancing the Folger’s Digital Asset Platform
Folger Digital Media and Publications partners with the Folger Institute to offer this Mellon-Foundation funded symposium occasioned by the launch of Miranda, the Folger Digital Asset Platform

What Acting Is
Joseph Roach
(Yale University) directs a Fall 2018 semester-length seminar for the Center for Shakespeare Studies

Digging the Past: Writing and Agriculture in the Seventeenth-Century
Frances Dolan
(University of California-Davis) directs a Fall 2018 weekend seminar

Introduction to Paleography
Heather Wolfe
(Folger Shakespeare Library) directs a weeklong skills course in December

Spring 2019

The Corporation in Early Modern International and Imperial Thought
Phil Stern
(Duke University) directs a Spring 2019 semester-length seminar for the Center for the History of British Political Thought

Lucy Hutchinson and the Cultures, Politics, and Historiography of the English Revolution
David Norbrook
(Merton College Oxford) directs a Spring 2019 program

Folger Introduction to Research Methods and Agendas
A weeklong intensive skills course directed by Folger staff in May 2019

Creating Nature: Premodern Climate and the Environmental Humanities
Steve Mentz
(St. John’s University) organizes a Spring 2019 conference

English Paleography
Heather Wolfe
(Folger Shakespeare Library) directs a month-long Mellon-funded Summer Institute in June 2019