Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps

The Folger Luminary Shakespeare apps, created in partnership with Luminary Digital Media and Simon & Schuster, enrich the Folger Shakespeare Editions with unique audio and visual resources designed for 21st-century learning and teaching on the iPad. The Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps make Shakespeare accessible to all readers in a lively digital format, and enhance our pleasure and understanding of Shakespeare’s extraordinary works.

The Folger Luminary Shakespeare apps feature:

  • The same carefully edited text as in the Folger Shakespeare Library Editions
  • Full audio recordings by professional actors produced by the Folger Theatre
  • Expert commentaries from leading scholars, teachers, and performers
  • Illuminating images from the Folger collections and video 
  • Robust authoring and sharing tools

Download the Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps

There are currently seven Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps available on iTunes for iPad:

How to use the Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps

The Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps are easy to use. Learn how to access all of the app’s features in this short video:

Praise for the Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps

"I was delighted by the ways in which app enhanced my students' engagement with Shakespeare. Being able to hear the play performed while reading along dramatically improved their immediate grasp of the plot, allowing us to spend all our time in class on a more complex exploration of the text's imagery and themes. The [myPath] feature gave me the chance to try out an idea for a collaborative writing assignment, something I've wanted to try for at least ten years." —Kate Garrett, Academic Dean, San Francisco University High School 

"The audio component of this app provides students with constant opportunities to analyze the print text for characterization, mood, and tone; to experiment with speaking the text driven by different sub-texts; and then to listen to and comment on the professional actors' vocal interpretations. This is an incredible teaching tool." —Mary Ellen Dakin, Revere High School, Revere, Massachusetts 

"Beyond being aesthetically nice, the app was intuitive. I love the various kinds of add-ons--from the recitations (LOVED that some scenes had more than one take) to the scholarly asides (which could be great research starters). The best part was that they were included in such a subtle manner. I still felt like I was reading a play, which was fantastic. I also enjoy all of the options for sharing and collaborative learning." —Scott O'Neill, University of Rochester