Give a Gift. Get a Mask.

We are delighted to announce that we have brought back our extremely popular Folger face masks.
By donating $35 or more to the Mask Campaign, which supports the areas of greatest need at the Folger, you can make a difference in your community while making sure that the Folger can continue to provide access to Shakespeare and his world for everyone. 
Both versions of our face masks are comfortable, machine washable, and reusable. Made with quality, breathable fabric, these masks have a durable polyester outer layer, a soft inner layer of cotton for maximum comfort, and adjustable straps, and nosepiece for a close fit. These masks come in one size suitable for adults and children ages 10 and up.

Want to send a mask to a friend? Contact Elizabeth Stevens at 202.675.0359 or to coordinate delivery. 

Make a gift


Maximum of two masks per donor. Please allow 2-3 weeks after making your gift for delivery.

If your gift is greater than or equal to $56.00 per mask then the full amount of your gift can be considered tax-deductible. Donors itemizing their contribution are advised that per IRS guidelines the charitable portion of your donation must be reduced by the fair market value of the Folger Mask, $10.00 each. That amount, multiplied by the number of masks you receive, should be deducted from the value of your gift.

Please note that this face covering is not a medically graded mask nor intended to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).