Rules and Requirements for Fellowships

  1. Nationality. Folger fellowships in 2020-2021 are open to scholars of any nationality. The Folger will sponsor and pay for international scholars to enter the United States under the J-1 visa if needed.
  2. Degrees and Training. Applicants for Folger Fellowships should hold the Ph.D. by the time they begin their residency (with the exception of our funding partnership with the Omohundro Institute, which is open to scholars who are ABD). Archivists, creative artists, curators, dramaturgs, filmmakers, librarians, performers, and playwrights should hold an appropriate terminal degree in their field. 
  3. Deliberations. Fellowship awards are determined by a committee made up of invited scholars and the professional staff of the Folger. In this application cycle, as applicable, the Folger will consult with the professional staff of partner host institutions. Membership on the Folger fellowship selection committees changes each year. We seek to establish committees that reflect the disciplinary, geographic, gender, and status diversity of the applicant pool. All committee discussions are confidential. We do not share reviewers’ comments. The Folger Institute’s Associate Director for Fellowships, Dr. Amanda Herbert, chairs the committee meeting and reviews the committee’s recommendations with the Executive Director, Dr. Kathleen Lynch, in light of the Folger’s standards of professional ethics, priorities, and policies about conflicts of interest (all of which are described to the committee members in advance). At its discretion, the Folger Institute may supplement committee recommendations.
  4. Exclusions. Folger staff, current consultants, and members of the Folger Shakespeare Library Board of Governors are not eligible to apply for Folger fellowships. Folger staff members should direct inquiries about research leave and professional opportunities to their supervisors and/or to Folger Human Resources.
  5. Projects. The Folger will only award two fellowships per research project. Each application process is separate and each competition stands on its own.
  6. Endowments and Funding Partners. Applicants do not need to specify a named endowment or funding source in their proposals. Applicants will be considered for all fellowships for which they are eligible.
  7. Materials and Space. Any award to conduct research at an archive, collection, library, or museum other than those listed as Folger Institute Hosting Partners will be contingent on receipt of assurances from that institution that materials the researcher wishes to consult are available, and that space will be provided to that researcher for study within the proposed time frame.
  8. Professional Ethics. All Folger fellows are required to abide by the Folger Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct.