Macbeth Audio Edition

Macbeth, one of Shakespeare's most popular plays, is among the most powerful and influential tragedies in the English language. Promised a golden future as ruler of Scotland by three mysteriously sinister women, Macbeth murders the king in order to succeed to the throne. Tortured by his conscience and fearful of discovery, he becomes fatally enmeshed in a web of treachery and deceit.

This new unabridged audio recording of the well-respected edition of Shakespeare's classic—expertly produced by the Folger Theatre—is perfect for students, teachers, and the everyday listener.

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Macbeth—Ian Merrill Peakes
Lady Macbeth—Rachael Holmes
Duncan—Eric Hissom
Macduff—Cody Nickell
Lady Macduff—Karen Peakes
Malcolm—Aubrey Deeker
Banquo—Richard Sheridan Willis
Ross—Chris Genebach
Captain—Louis Butelli
Lennox—Todd Scofield

All other parts were played by members of the company.

Creative Team

Robert Richmond—Director
Beth Emelson—Producer
Jessica Witchger—Original Music Composition 
Katharine Pitt—Production Assistant
David Polk—General Manager
Adam Stamper at Omega Recording Studios—Recording and Engineering

Michael Witmore—Director, Folger Shakespeare Library
Janet Alexander Griffin—Artistic Producer
Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine—Editors, Folger Editions

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