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Friday, November 16

Session A: What to Do - and What Not to Do - In Week One of a Successful Shakespeare Unit
Time: 9:30am - 10:45am
Where: Room TBD
Who: Dr. Peggy O'Brien (DC), Anne Blaney (NY), Donnaye Moore (GA), Brian Schultz (DC)

Learn the best way to start a Shakespeare unit—by focusing relentlessly on the words, words, words, and engaging EVERY student. Experience firsthand the essential strategies for building student comprehension, response, confidence, and excitement. Work with language from a mix of commonly taught plays.

Session B: Teaching Literature for Social Change Starts with Us
Time: 11am - 12:15pm
Where: Room TBD
Who: Dr. Peggy O'Brien (DC), Donna Denize (DC), Mark Miazga (MD), Amber Phelps (MD)

Words matter. Our students’ voices matter. Learn strategies for using literature as a way into difficult—and essential—classroom conversations about race, identity, and community. Practice working with Shakespeare and contemporary texts, using resources created and tested by the Folger and excellent classroom teachers. 

Session C: Beyond Shakespeare: Teaching ALL Texts - and Reaching ALL Learners - Using the Folger Method
Time: 12:30pm - 1:45pm
Where: Room TBD
Who: Peggy O'Brien (DC), Debbie Gascon (SC), Deirdre DeLoatch (NY)

ALL kinds of students connect with not only Shakespeare but ALL complex tests, since ALL students are deserving and capable of understanding rich language and great stories. Learn and practice this revolutionary methodology that makes literature fans of all kinds. 

Session D: Real, Live Students Meet Shakespeare and Make His Words Their Own
Time: 2pm - 3:15pm
Where: Room TBD
Who: Dr. Peggy O'Brien (DC), Michael LoMonico (NY), Erika Lai (TX)

Observe in real time: teaching, learning, and the voices of student response. Shakespeare-unlimited Houston high school students make his language their own with a play they’ve never read, through the Folger’s core activity, 3-Dimensional Shakespeare. This is the way into a play, or any complex text. 

Session E:  What Does an Accessible, Rigorous Shakespeare Curriculum Look Like? Practical Lessons from the DC Public Schools-Folger Shakespeare Library Partnership  
Time: 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Where: Room TBD
Who: Peggy O'Brien (DC), Rob Yates (DC), Alexa Bernard (DC)

What happens when the Folger and DC Public Schools pair up to improve Shakespeare instruction? A new curriculum! New PD! Student voice a priority! Assessment and writing! Join us for a practical glimpse into the curriculum that is changing how DCPS teachers teach Shakespeare as well as other complex texts. 

Exhibition Hall
Time: 10am - 6:30pm
Booth: 408

Stop by the Folger booth for all things Folger - teaching ideas, digital resources, professional development options, and tons of fun!

Friday Happy Hour!

Location TBD

Saturday, November 17

Exhibition Hall
Time: 11am - 6pm
Booth: 408

Missed any of our sessions on Friday? Don't worry: there's still plenty of time to visit the Folger booth for all things Folger!

Folger Flash Mob!
Time: 5pm
Where: TBD
Who: Everyone!

We host a flash mob every year at NCTE--a beloved English teacher tradition! This year, join us for the world's largest funeral scene! Join a chorus of Antonys (or Plebeians) and shout for all of NCTE to hear. As a bonus, and thanks to our friends at Simon & Schuster, we will give away Folger Editions of Julius Caesar to the first 100 participants.

Sunday, November 18

Session A: Two Brains Running: Teaching August Wilson and William Shakespeare
Time: 9am - 10:15am
Where: Room TBD
Who: Peggy O'Brien (DC), Mark Miazga (MD), Amber Phelps (MD)

Sparks fly when students read the plays of August Wilson and William Shakespeare alongside one another. Learn WHY and HOW to connect these two authors in a way that deepens students’ attention to language, identity, and power.  Their voices and your teaching benefit! 

Exhibition Hall
Time: 8am - 11:30am
Booth: 408

Stop by the Folger booth for your last chance to check out everything Folger!