Preliminaries solution #2

The second solution to the problem of the preliminaries is to insert the half-sheet with the author portrait in between 1v and 2r. Take the full sheet and place it at the end of the gathering. If you have trouble, you can click “Auto-gather” to have the sheets placed in the gathering diagram automatically.

3|4 (inner)
3|4 (outer)
2|5 (inner)
5|2 (outer)
1|6 (inner)
1|6 (outer)

Gathering πA6 (πA1+1, πA6+1.2)










Piecing together the printers’ intentions for these preliminaries is difficult because so many First Folios are missing their initial pages or have pages that are not in their original arrangement. Pages were lost due to wear, were removed by collectors (as often happened with the author’s portrait), or were taken from defective copies and inserted into other copies to make them complete. The vast majority of the First Folios are “made-up” with preliminaries from other copies.

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We took most of the images for the DIY First Folio exercises from Folger STC 22273 fo.1 no.68. Exercise 2a uses images from Folger STC 22273 fo.1 no.68 that have been altered to represent the unfinished gathering “gg”. Exercise 2c features an image of the cancelled final page of Romeo and Juliet from Folger STC 22273 fo.1 no.71.