Program Logistics: Shakespeare and the Making of America

The Folger Shakespeare Library’s 2020 Teaching Shakespeare Institute

Are you thinking of applying to Shakespeare and the Making of America? Here are answers to four key questions you may have.

Where Will I Live and Work?  If you choose to live on campus, you will be housed in a single dormitory room on the William & Mary campus. We will have classes, lectures, and many other sessions in the Wren Building, the oldest building on campus, designed by Christopher Wren and built in 1695. We will also work in the Special Collections Library, and on site at Historic Jamestowne and Williamsburg.

What About Money?  Your stipend of $2700 can help cover a significant portion of participant costs: your travel to and from Williamsburg, VA, housing at the College of William and Mary, your meals, and any other expenses that you may incur. You will receive your stipend check in two installments of $1350 at our opening session and on July 10th.

If you choose to live on campus your first stipend check will amount to $823 (half of your $2700 minus $527 which is half of your housing expense) and will be disbursed at our opening session in Williamsburg. Your second check in the same amount will be given to you at the end of the second week, on July 10th. Your stipend is taxable.

What Will My Days Be Like?  You can expect days that are packed with lectures, small group seminars, informal work sessions, performance sessions, site visits and tours, screenings, guided and independent research, roundtables, colloquia, and swordfights. The resident faculty will also be living on campus, and we are yours for the entire institute. Visiting faculty will join in the conversation; prominent scholars undertaking related research will lead sessions as the opportunity arises.

The days are long and, in many cases, extend into the evenings. Because we believe deeply that teachers do the most important work on earth, we take great care in planning a program that is worthy of your time, your energy, and your intellectual and emotional investment.

Will I Have Assignments?  Major assignments include a research project and a teaching plan, both rooted in discoveries that you will make during the Institute. Your everyday assignment—also a major one—is your full-on participation in every aspect of the Institute.