Worlds Elsewhere

Shakespeare Unlimited: Episode 51

In 2012, Andrew Dickson watched a Shakespeare play in London that set him off on a quest. When it ended, he had traveled to Poland, Germany, India, China and all across the United States. He chronicled his travels in a book titled Worlds Elsewhere: Journeys Around Shakespeare’s Globe that was published in 2015. In this podcast episode, he explains what the play was that set him off on this journey, and just what it was he was hoping to find. Andrew is interviewed by Neva Grant.

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From the Shakespeare Unlimited podcast series. Published June 29, 2016. © Folger Shakespeare Library. All rights reserved. This podcast episode, “There Is A World Elsewhere,” was produced by Richard Paul. Garland Scott is the associate producer. It was edited by Gail Kern Paster and Esther Ferington. Esther French is the web producer. We had technical help from the Sound Company in London and the News Operations Staff at NPR in Washington, DC.