How to Order Images

If an image already exists in our digital image collection, you may download copies up to 1536 pixels long side; this size is suitable for web, slide presentations, and up to 8x10 prints. If you are using these images within the terms of our CC-BY-SA license, you do not need to  pay any fees or request permission. (You can read more about our licensing and permissions terms to determine if your use qualifies under these terms.)

If the image you want is not already in our digital image collection, or if you need a high-resolution version of an image in our digital image collection, you can order one from us. Turnaround time on most orders is two to four weeks from receipt of prepayment. Rush services are not available. We ask that all requests be submitted in writing, via our online form, email, fax, or mail service.

Information we need

  1. As much information as possible about the image and its source, including the following, if known: Author, title, publication date, pagination information, Folger call number, and a brief written description of the image. Bibliographic information about Folger holdings can often be found in Hamnet, our online catalog.
  2. For images reproduced in modern publications: any citation that appears with the image, the bibliographic citation for the modern work, and the page number. If available, a scan or paper copy of the image is very helpful. 
  3. Type of reproduction desired.
  4. Any special instructions regarding cropping, details, inclusion of scale and targets should be noted.

To place an order

Please fill out our online order form or complete our printable order form to place your request. Completed paper forms may be faxed or mailed to the photography department. You may also send a letter or email that includes the information indicated on the order form.

After submitting your request, we will prepare a cost estimate. After reviewing your estimate, please complete the prepayment form and return it to the photography department with payment.

Prepayment is required. We accept credit cards, institutional purchase orders, and  checks in US dollars, which must be drawn from a US bank. Credit card payment may be made using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Your order will be started upon receipt of prepayment. Allow two to four weeks for delivery on most orders.