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About Folger Education

A teacher talks to a student.

What Is Folger Teaching?

Folger Teaching is the online hub where teachers from everywhere—the DC area, across the country, and around the world connect directly with all that the Folger Shakespeare Library has to offer you.

We invite you to explore and to join the Folger as a Teacher Member.  You’ll find the latest resources to get your students both enticed and grappling with the literature and to deepen your own relationship with the content that inspired you to want to teach it.

Why Folger Teaching Now?

Aren’t you looking for lessons that really work with every student and every text? Don’t you want to take your own teaching practice to the next level? The Folger Method of teaching, along with other resources from the Folger, can get you there.

For four decades we have led all kinds of teachers and their students to unleash the power of language and the power of their own minds with the Folger Method, a framework of teaching strategies that teachers consistently call “transformative.” We give teachers tools for getting all students reading more actively and deeply than ever before.

Let us support the all-important work you do and connect you with like-minded teachers and leading experts. We believe that every single student deserves the real thing–whether it’s a primary source from the 16th century, the original language of a complex text, or a critical conversation about race in literature and our world today.

Folger Teaching is all about the sparks that fly when great learning happens. We are honored to be your partners and champions in this work.

Who and what is Folger Education?

Behind Folger Education, the Folger Method, and all of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s education programs is the Folger Education team. We are your ardent fans – and the part of the Folger that works most directly with schools, teachers, and students on this irresistible thing called learning. What a dream!

Meet the Folger Education team

Director of Education

Dr. Peggy O'Brien

Dr. Peggy O'Brien

Assistant Director, Education Operations

Katie Dvorak

Katie Dvorak

Education Program Coordinator

Shanta Bryant

Shanta Bryant

Administrative Assistant