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Marty Kuehne

Board of Governors Member since 2022

Marty Kuehne is Managing Director of Seabury Accenture, specializing in workforce planning and compensation. In 2017, Accenture, an IT consulting and services company, acquired Seabury Group, a firm focused on aviation. Before it was acquired, Marty had more than eight years of experience at the Seabury Group.

Marty founded Wise Fool, an HR company that provides custom training programs for the success of employee and employer workforce health. Since its inception in 2018, Wise Fool has provided training sessions for over 50 Fortune 500 Companies.

Previously, Marty was also the founder and CEO of Organizational Concepts International (OCI). OCI specialized in HR and management of various consulting firms. His decades of experience in HR include positions at American Express, Wells Fargo, and Northwest Airlines.

Marty graduated with a BA in Economics and an MA in Human Resources & Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.