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The Folger Spotlight
Louis Butelli

Louis Butelli

Hi there! It’s Louis Butelli, from Folger’s Othello, writing to you one last time.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. I’m fairly certain they weren’t referring to this blog when they said it, but, regardless, this is my very last post.

The first thing to say is: “don’t despair!” New bloggers Emily Trask and Emily Townley, who play Valeria and Alpiew in Folger Theatre’s upcoming production of The Gaming Table, will be writing here soon. Please join me in offering them a warm welcome as I pass the proverbial baton. The Gaming Table, which starts rehearsals soon, begins its run on January 24, 2012 at the Folger. It’s gonna be pretty great, so you should definitely pick up your tickets now.

The next thing to do is to thank you so, so, so much for reading these ramblings. I’m deeply honored to have had this time with you, if you’re there at all. Thank you so much for your support of Folger Theatre, for seeing Othello, if you did, and for reading this blog.

I have mentioned before here that I run a nonprofit theater company called Psittacus Productions. I just wanted to let you know that we also have a blog, which you can find by clicking here. This has been so much fun that I’ve decided to try to keep on blogging over there. If you like, why not swing by sometime?

Anyway, though, so thanks. I’ve really enjoyed spending this time with you, and I really, really hope you keep reading the Folger Production Diary.

I am deeply grateful to the whole administrative and publicity team at Folger Theatre, to the cast, crew, designers, and front-of-house staff for Othello, to the awesome security guards at the Library, to my dear friend Robert Richmond.

OK. Have a great holiday season and an excellent 2012.

For me, here, now, “the rest is silence.”


Thanks, Louis, for the wonderful performance and giving us your thoughts. Take care! I hope to see you at the Folger again soon.

Matt — December 9, 2011

I will miss your ramblings.

Antoine Butelli — December 9, 2011