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The Folger Spotlight

Gravedigger's Tale On the Road in Florida

Actor Louis Butelli is traveling the world in Gravedigger’s Tale as part of the First Folio! The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare tour. Read an update from his travels below!

Your friendly neighborhood blogger, Louis Butelli.

Louis Butelli

Hello again from your intrepid Gravedigger, Louis Butelli!

Activities for Folger Shakespeare Library’s WONDER OF WILL continue on apace, including our recent appearance at Florida International University in Miami with two performances of Gravedigger’s Tale, and a Workshop in Performing Shakespeare.

Last week, I left the gloom of New York City at the crack of dawn, had a nap on the plane and woke up to palm trees and sunshine. I made my way to FIU and their gorgeous campus on Biscayne Bay. (Let’s go, “Roary the Panther!“)

The Mary Ann Wolfe Theater is a gorgeous facility. An awesome local crew kept an eye on me, and made certain our lights and set pieces were ready to go.

We had the most amazing shows!!! General audience that evening, amazing 11th/12th graders for matinee the next afternoon, and a phenomenal workshop afterwards.

The whole gig was a delight, from start to finish.

Meanwhile, I’ve written further about our experience in Miami at my own BLOG. Click the link, with the understanding that what you find there is in no sense representative of Folger Theatre or Folger Shakespeare Library. Just me.

Hope you’ll come along. Many more Gravedigger gigs to come. And, in the meantime, please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time!