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The Folger Spotlight

Louis Butelli: Playing Fools

TWELFTHNIGHT_224Hello once again from your friend Louis Butelli, currently playing Feste in Twelfth Night at the Folger Theatre. Our show must close this Sunday, on June 9th – grab your tickets now by clicking here.

We’re having such a blast playing this show. The critics have been absolutely raving, the audiences have been delightful, and we would love to share our Twelfth Night with you. Click to see our video trailer. And, more importantly, click here for your tickets!

Louis Butelli (Feate) and Emily Trask (Viola) in Twelfth Night. Photo: Teresa Wood.

Louis Butelli (Feate) and Emily Trask (Viola) in Twelfth Night. Photo: Teresa Wood.

Meanwhile, I’ve been asked by Caitlin Griffin, who looks after the excellent blog for Folger’s Education Program, to contribute a post. Specifically, she asked me if I’d take some time to talk about the experience of playing Shakespeare’s Fools. I’ve had the great good fortune to play quite a few of Shakespeare’s comic characters over the years, and Caitlin thought Folger’s students might enjoy hearing a little bit about that.

It seemed to me that readers of the Production Diary might find that interesting in some way, too. So…click the link below to check out Part 1 of my Guest Blog for Caitlin and Folger Education.


Please click, please enjoy, please comment!

And, of course, get your Twelfth Night tickets now.

Until next time…


Hi Louis,

I giggled like a kid throughout the production. You guys were lovely!

Just out of curiosity, (because I very nearly did) does the audience ever sing along with you? :^)

Twelfth Night was a treat.


Angelica Tynan — June 3, 2013

Hello, Angelica! So, so sorry for lateness of reply! We’ve been busy…

To respond to a question that surely you’ve forgotten you’d asked – yes. They did, in fact, sing along. I can’t begin to tell you how surreal and delightful that was.

Meanwhile, I hope you keep reading and commenting, and I hope you’ll check out our audio recordings – and download the audio app when it becomes available.

Many thanks. Cheers!

Louis Butelli — July 15, 2013