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The Folger Spotlight

Roger Rees and a Conference of Shakespeareans

Last week I attended the Shakespeare Theatre Association conference in Florida, hosted by Orlando Shakespeare Theater. It was a great gathering of Shakespeareans from places as diverse as the Livermore Shakespeare Festival in California to the great Polish city of Gdańsk, where they are building a replica of the Fortune Theatre of 1600. The conference included lots of fascinating, friendly talk all about Bard biz—including exciting ideas for commemorating in 2016 the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. 

Roger Rees

I got to see Roger Rees and his wonderful show What You Will, which he premiered on our Folger stage in 2007. His was the conference-opening performance, and all enjoyed meeting him—the same generous, charming person as his Nicholas Nickleby, who first captured hearts.

True star quality—met under the stars, as Orlando Shakes, converted from a science museum, has the remnants of a lovely planetarium! AND it’s situated between two of Orlando’s many lakes—filled with cypress knees and wildlife—including these amazing birds (below), just 500 yards or so from the theater. They look to be in “conference,” do they not? (More on that later.)
Janet Alexander Griffin
Artistic Producer, Folger Theatre