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The Folger Spotlight

Some Vlog with your Blog?

Hi from Louis, Roderigo in Othello, and guest blogger here at the Folger Theatre!

The Folger loaned me a Flip Camera a couple of weeks ago, in the hopes that I would experiment with some video blogging, or “vlogging.” Here now are the results of that experimentation.

PLEASE NOTE! It wouldn’t be a blog (or vlog) of mine if I didn’t make some kind of mistake. Thus…

In the closing credits of the video (why, yes, there are closing credits, thank you), it currently says “Opening October 24, 2011.” This doesn’t include our preview performances. It should read: “Beginning October 18, 2011.”



Finally, we finished our Tech yesterday, and rounded out the week with a final dress rehearsal of Othello. We had a lovely audience, comprised of a number of dramaturg Michele Osherow’s students from UMBC, and they really seemed to dig it.

Today, if you can believe it, is a “day off.” I, for one, am going to the movies.


So excited for this performance! I’m coming to see it tonight. Looking forward to all the action!

Suzanne — October 19, 2011