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Hi from Louis, aka Roderigo in Folger Theatre’s upcoming Othello!

This’ll be a pretty quick one as a) our first day of technical rehearsals (affectionately known as “tech”) begins today and, b) it’s been suggested to me that perhaps, in blog terms, brevity might approach the soul of wit more directly than my customary nerdy tendency to over-explain. 🙂

On tech:

Today is the day that all of the elements from every department start to be brought together. I’m called at 11am (I should probably get going—fortunately the commute from the Stately Folger Townhouse is not far) and we work what is called a “10 out of 12.” This means we are called for 12 hours and work for 10. This means that I won’t be done until 11pm.

Tech, to be politic, tends to be a little bit slow going. We’ll run every scene change, every light and music cue, and work in costume. For me, Tech is a bit like opening presents on Christmas morning—we finally get to play with all of the production’s toys.

I’ll check in again on our dinner break and let you know how it’s going.


I’ve got a great video for you about the fights and weapons in Othello which I’m currently editing. I’m excited to see what you guys make of it. It should be up in a couple of days.

OK. Time to cross the street, suit up, and get this show on the road.