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The Folger Spotlight

The Reduced Shakespeare Company at the Folger

When the Reduced Shakespeare Company starts performances of William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged)  at the Folger on April 21, it will not be their first outing on the Folger stage.

Austin Tichenor, Reed Martin, and Teddy Spencer

The RSC has ten hilarious productions encompassing not only the abridged Shakespeare and Shakespeare’s long lost first play, but also comedy, sports, Christmas, Hollywoodthe Bible, and more. Their Complete History of America Abridged played at the Folger in 1994 and we’ve dug up a delightful picture from our archives of the gents in action.

The Reduced Shakespeare Company 1994

The Reduced Shakespeare Company 1994

Come catch them in air and onstage at the Folger Theatre starting April 21!

While you’re waiting for them to land, you can listen to the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s weekly podcast online and on iTunes and learn about their recent trip to Qater, the Folger’s fantasy football league, and listen to an interview with director and playwright Aaron Posner. Aaron’s productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and District Merchants bookend the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s visit.