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Folger Story

Andrea "Andi" Kasarsky

Part of our series spotlighting donors to The Wonder of Will: The Campaign for the Folger Shakespeare Library.

A deep love for the performing arts moved Andi Kasarsky to support The Wonder of Will, furthering the Folger’s ability to connect audiences through exhibitions, programs, and the arts.

An Introduction through Performance

For Andi Kasarsky, the Folger is near and dear to her heart. She remembers fondly her very first introduction to the Folger, attending Consort programs with her late husband Barry while the two were still dating. Andi quickly fell in love with the sound of Renaissance music, the musicianship of the artists, and the closeness and connection with performers and fellow audience members that makes the Folger experience unique. She loves immersing herself in the artistic performances, and especially looks forward to the all-encompassing perspective of sitting near the stage. Now, years after her first Folger concert, Andi enjoys an even greater engagement with all Folger programs as a Folger Consort and Theatre sponsor and subscriber.

Inspiring the Next Generation

“The Folger is not static… Why not have more ways to share its programs and collections with more scholars, with more students, with more people in the neighborhood, with more people in DC, and worldwide.” – Andi Kasarsky

Andi is particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity the Folger’s expansion provides through The Wonder of Will to spark and nourish interest in the arts and humanities. As the world’s largest Shakespeare collection, the Folger is an important resource for scholarship and discovery, and the renovation efforts will enhance the Folger’s capacity to serve 21st-century audiences. In the New Pavilion’s exhibition galleries and education lab, visitors will be able to encounter rare books, manuscripts, and materials up close and explore Shakespeare and his world through the lens of their own.

One of the elements that Andi has valued most in her own Folger experience is an open invitation to learning and her hope for the project is that more people may find inspiration at the Folger. “The next generation is learning about Shakespeare and his writing…and one field trip can set a child off in a certain direction and excite them. You can make a difference that you don’t even know, but it very well could happen and I’m sure that it has indeed happened.”

The Folger is deeply grateful for Andi’s dedicated friendship. In addition to her annual support and membership in the First Folio Society, Andi has generously supported The Wonder of Will: The Campaign for the Folger Shakespeare Library and has also named seats in the Folger’s Elizabethan Theatre.