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Shakespeare & Beyond

The biggest Shakespeare stories of 2016

Will and Jane exhibition
Will and Jane exhibition

Let’s take a moment to revisit some of the biggest Shakespeare stories in the news this year, from the discoveries that grabbed headlines to the spectacular celebrations of the 400th anniversary to the celebrity performances that generated the most buzz.

Discoveries and Scholarship

Archaeologists have been busy this year. After taking hi-tech scans of Shakespeare’s grave at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, investigators concluded in March that his skull has probably been stolen. The archaeological dig at the Curtain, the London theater where some of Shakespeare’s plays were first performed, revealed that the venue was rectangular, not round, the Associated Press reported in May.

In April, just in time for the big 400th anniversary celebrations on April 23, the news broke that a previously unknown copy of the First Folio had emerged in Scotland. This rare discovery happened at Mount Stuart House on the Island of Bute.


Two things worth mentioning: the web series HOW SHAKESPEARE CHANGED MY LIFE starring Sir Ben Kingsley, James Earl Jones, Liev Schreiber and many others.

and the Annual Shakespeare’s Birthday Sonnet Slam held in Central Park, NYC where 154 Readers of all ages and abilities recite all 154 of the Sonnets.

Melinda Hall — December 28, 2016

You (and the 8th Street Market) are the only thing I miss about living in D.C. Thank you for being there and doing all the work you do.

Lorraine Whitten — December 29, 2016