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Excerpt – ‘All's Well’ by Mona Awad

Determined to put on All’s Well That Ends Well, despite a rebellious cast that wants to stage Macbeth, Miranda Fitch battles excruciating back pain, a dependence on painkillers, a failed marriage, and a career in crisis in this darkly funny tale.

Mona Awad’s new novel, All’s Well, tells the story of a theater professor who is convinced that staging this rarely produced play will cure her woes—and an eerie trio of helpers who offer a tempting promise for her future.

In this excerpt, Miranda tries to watch a video clip of a scene from the play, only to find herself viewing a surreal, glowingly positive, narrative unfolding in the imagined world of painkiller ads.

All’s Well was published in August by Simon & Schuster.


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